While we are usually, and unfortunately, exposed to irrational fears of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual people, there are also similar biases held against heterosexuals. This fear of a person’s own sexual preference and lifestyle is usually due to inexperience around these different groups of people or an exaggerated personal agenda. Heterophobia is an exaggerated, irrational or extreme fear of straight men or women, and will usually lead a person to suspect and subsequently avoid most straight people or those that are in heterosexual relationships.

Causes of Heterophobia

There are several different reasons in which a person may become heterophobic. Some of the leading causes behind this idea are:

  • A result of crippling homophobia that has made a gay or lesbian person untrusting and frightened of the straight populace.
  • Heterophobia can be viewed as a guise to counteract homophobia and the public’s general disapproval to extend equal rights to the GLBT community.
  • An actual fear of straight people, usually onset by a traumatic event or life-changing experience during childhood.

Common Facts About Heterophobia

Although there are a few different causes for heterophobia, the most predominant reasons are a lash back against the straight community from gay or lesbian people. In most cases, the heterophobic person has been a victim of homophobic behavior in the past and is either lashing back at the straight community for their unfair treatment or is genuinely against heterosexuals, and feel that the straight community never has their best interest in mind. This term is often debated as it is very rarely a standard phobia that can attach itself to a person’s psyche. Still, it is a very real occurrence regardless of the actual origin of the problem.

Treatment of Heterophobia

Medication can be prescribed for treating the phobia, but it must be noted that these medicatons can have side effects and withdrawal syptoms. It must also be noted that medicines do not cure phobias and only temporarily suppresses the symptoms. There are treatments for heterophobia that can be explored such as counseling, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic programs.

Heterophobia cannot only hold you back in your life, it can also hold back others around you. This condition is not only an extreme or irrational fear of straight/non-gay individuals or the opposite sex, it is also usually coupled with a hatred or outspoken disapproval of their relationships. This has recently become a large issue in our society. While there are some rare cases, this phobia is seen more predominantly in LGBT communities.

Making the effort for change will make a huge difference in your personal life, usually resulting in a more calm and collected composure in previously perceived stressful situations. If you are ready to make this positive change, on both a personal and social level, do some preliminary Internet research to find the best treatment options available locally to you.

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