Health Coaching

Building a Better You through Health Coaching

With all of the advantages in medicine that have been unveiled over the last century, there’s still one ingredient of optimal health you can’t get from a bottle or in pill form and that ingredient is self-discipline. Fortunately, there’s a simple prescription for accountability when it comes to your health and wellbeing: a health coach. Health coaching is a relatively new arrival in the world of medicine, headed by professionals with an incredibly specific specialty. At the end of the day, their job is helping you to achieve the limit of optimal health. Instead of having to go at it alone, health coaching offers a helping hand in many different ways:

  • Health coaches help you stick to diets, lose weight, create exercise routines and offer support along the way.
  • Health coaching can empower you to overcome common concerns like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes or other physical maladies.
  • A health coach can also aid you in dealing with stress, anxiety or other mental aspects of healthy living.

Why Health Coaching is a Growing Industry

While our doctors and physicians are always there to tell us what we need to do between our current and our next visits, in all of that time in between visits, they aren’t around giving advice or coaching us in our decision making. When you are confronted with a pressing need to make major changes, whether dietary, exercise or otherwise, many of us feel forced to go it alone. Of course, when left to our own devices, bad habits are incredibly hard to break. If you’re facing life or death consequences, don’t you owe it to yourself to really commit yourself to making a lasting change, no matter the costs?

Many professionals have said “Yes!” and have set about establishing themselves as respected health coaches who are there to offer support, guidance, specific direction and the accountability that’s been lacking in your life. Also known as wellness coaches, health coaches focus their efforts on keeping you in a state of overall wellness or taking the necessary steps to insure that you get to that point in your life. Furthermore, health coaches understand that everyone has a pressing schedule with tons of demands on their time, so they work on your time and at your convenience to maximize your ultimate results.

The Convenience Factor of Health and Wellness Coaching

Since health coaches are often sought after because our schedules are so insane, you don’t always have to use traditional, face-to-face consultations to have long-lasting, life-changing results. As a matter of fact, health coaches are totally flexible when it comes to how, when and where they’ll work with you to meet your health and wellness goals. While many do still offer traditional, face-to-face encounters with their clients, they have also supplemented their business with email, telephone, webinar and other forms of consultations that are flexible, accommodating and totally convenient without losing any of the effectiveness you need.

Health coaches may specialize in particular areas, ranging from stress management to blood lipid correction, on down to traditional weight loss or nutritional planning. When you consider simple facts like telephone health coaching doubling a smoker’s odds of quitting for at least one year or that phone-based weight loss coaching were almost as effective as face-to-face (and often more expensive) options, it isn’t hard to see why more and more Americans are turning to health and wellness coaching to achieve the goals that matter most to them and their families.

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