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Hashish Rehab Costs

Hashish, it is Harmless?

These days, celebrities make smoking seem like the popular and cool thing to do. For example, Kat Williams has spoken very openly about his marijuana use, sharing comedic anecdotes referring to his smoking sessions and makes it out to be fun, interesting and overall harmless. However, is smoking herbs such as hashish or marijuana actually harmless? While the high of hashish may seem harmless and even appealing, the long-term consequences are far more serious.

Long Term Effects of Hashish

Hashish is made up of compressed trichomes, the most potent material on the cannabis plant, and is usually smoked or ingested. The hashish high elevates the user’s mood, promotes optimism, relaxes the user, eases tensions, reduces stress, heightens senses, and alters one’s sense of time. However, the long-term effects of hashish include reduced levels of male and female hormones, damage to sperm or menstrual cycles, temporary loss of fertility in men and women, addiction, loss of motivation (clinically referred to as “amotivational syndrome”), lung damage, cancer, decrease of immunity against infection, impaired educational attainment and significant adjustment problems. Due to these effects, hashish rehab centers were created to try and help hashish addicts fight their addiction. Although, the costs of hashish rehab programs can stir up some concern.

Cost of Hashish Rehab Programs

  • Outpatient treatment prices can range from $1, 400 to a little over $7,400
  • Outpatients receives less services and do not occupy a housing space
  • Inpatient services may cost tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the facility
  • Inpatients occupy a housing space and are often located in ideal settings for recovery
  • Inpatients tend to have a higher chance of success than outpatients do because inpatients receive 24 hour care
  • Hashish addicts can apply for state-funded treatment, where they may qualify for a partial payment or even a completely free drug rehab treatment with high-quality services
  • State-funded treatments often require those in need to be placed on a rather long waiting list
  • Potential patients should sign up for the state-funded treatment waiting list, while still seeking other treatment options in the meantime

Countng the Cost of Rehab

While the costs of hashish rehab may be pricey, it is up to you to take the first step toward bettering your own life. Furthermore, sit down and try to calculate the money you have already spent on hashish. How long have you been using hashish and how often? Write down the amount that you typically spend on the drug in a month, times that by twelve, then multiply that number by the amount of years you have been using it. That’s a big number, right? It may even be larger than the amount that hashish rehab centers are asking patients to pay. If you have not been addicted for quite that long, that’s great. However, that should only motivate you more to seek help because since you have not been addicted long, you may have a higher chance of success in the program. No matter how long the addiction has lasted, it should end here. Take the initiative and make the call today.

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