Remember the days of giving presentations in front of your class? Or maybe you have to give them for work. Whatever the case may be, life is full of instances where we must “present.” Public speaking is a common situation in everyday life. Some embrace public speaking engagements. For others, it breeds feelings of frustration and extreme fear. Those people suffer from a phobia of public speaking called Glossophobia.

Symptoms of Glossophobia

Common Facts about Glossophobia

This is a very natural fear as many people simply do not like getting in front of a group of people and speaking. This fear can turn into a phobia and can become so extreme that your career, relationships and even your life can be restricted. It is estimated that about 75 percent of the American population suffers with some form of Glossophobia. People who suffer with this phobia can experience extreme anxiety and/or pain. This phobia causes an exaggerated emphasis to be placed on things rather than life itself, which in turn, limits focus on what is important in life. Sufferers of Glossophobia become so absorbed in this fear that they essentially detach themselves from society.

An interesting fact of those who suffer from glossophobia is that some may even be able to sing or dance on stage, but it is the idea of speaking that terrifies them. Naturally, stage freight is associated with this fear as many speaking engagements are held on some sort of stage or platform. This fear also comprises the idea of being in a large social setting and having to meet new people. It is shown that those who suffer with Glossophobia have an increased risk for developing depression. But there is help and ways to overcome this fear.

Treatment of Glossophobia

Glossophobia is a phobia that can be overcome as it is like many phobias, a mental and emotional phobia rather than a physical ailment. Of course, it is always important to speak with your doctor to receive good referrals, but there are other unconventional methods to overcoming this fear as well such as joining a speaking group. You will be able to relate to others who share your fear and experiences. Exercise and working out also allows you to burn off any nervous energy and focus more on the task at hand. You can also practice your speech or presentation. Practicing allows you to become more comfortable with your abilities and slowly get over your fear. Help is available and Glossophobia can be conquered.

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