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GHB Addiction Treatment

GHB – Sedative Addiction

GHB, like alcohol, is a sedative drug, causing relaxation, reduced inhibition, slowed reflexes, mild euphoria often followed by depression, anxiety, and paranoia. GHB is a “club drug” often used at music clubs, dances, and concerts. Originally designed as an anesthetic and treatment for narcolepsy, its use in that content was terminated when it was found to be highly unpredictable with severe side effects.

Central concerns in GHB addiction treatment

  • Nature of GHB addiction.
  • Problems with GHB detoxification.
  • Post GHB detoxification.

A Dangerous Addiction

The very things about GHB that first brought it into consideration for medical use, and then caused it to be set aside, contribute to the dangers of GHB use. An extremely effective physical sedative, it can cause a wide array of symptoms similar to being drunk, on valium, or borderline conscious. The relaxation and social comfort can easily transform into suggestibility and confusion, and the drug has been used as a date rape drug for this reason. Disorientation, nausea, vomiting, tunnel vision, hallucination, and coma are all recognized side effects of the drug.

As an addictive drug, GHB can cause extremely severe withdrawal symptoms after only a short period of use. Withdrawal can cause feverish symptoms – raised temperature and sweating. It places extreme stress on the heart and circulatory system, raising blood pressure and pulse and putting strain on the heart.

Affect on Detox

The effects GHB triggers during withdrawal make it an extreme challenge during detox. GHB should not be withdrawn from an addict suddenly or without medical supervision of a high quality. In most instances, detox will proceed with a slow, cautious reduction of dosage, coupled with medications to control heart rate and blood pressure. For proper supervision, GHB detox is usually done as an inpatient procedure with constant care and observation. The time is two to three times that of many other drugs, commonly taking as much as two full weeks for complete withdrawal.

GHB detox should not be attempted alone. It should not be attempted without medical supervision. It should not be sudden. It should not be without medical supplements to cope with side effects and reduce strain on the patient’s circulatory system. Accept nothing but the best medical attention for GHB addiction: the complications demand not only first class counseling support, but also first-class medical support.

After Detox

When detox is finished, a patient should still remain under medical care. The physical consequences continue to be a threat for some time after detox, though the patient can often be permitted to function as an outpatient. In some instances, in-home care or a hospice may be appropriate, to ensure medical attention during the period of physical adjustment.

Counseling care should, like medical care, be extremely well chosen. Little is known about the long-term aftermath of GHB addiction, and a capable counselor with a medical background and an understanding of the possibilities for unexpected reactions, should be a priority. Standard therapeutic methods of behavioral modification, personal counseling, and follow-up counseling are likely to form the framework of the post-detox treatment, but alternates, adjust, and medical supplementation may been needed.

Finding a Reliable Team

GHB addiction treatments require the finest medical and counseling teams. Effort should be put into the process of contacting referral resources, learning about particular clinics and programs, and interviewing doctors and counselors. Making use of a professional referral service, in combination with good medical advice from respected hospitals and clinics is likely to provide critical support when looking for treatment for this difficult, complex, and poorly understood addiction.

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