Frotteurism is the act of rubbing one’s genitalia against another non-consenting person to achieve sexual gratification. Frotteurism is a paraphilia, which is a group of mental disorders characterized by unusual sexual practices.

Frottage (the actual act of rubbing against someone else) is usually done in crowded public places such as malls, busy sidewalks, elevators or on public transportation vehicles. Frotteurs usually do it in places where they can make a rapid escape.

The most common way frottage occurs is by rubbing one’s genitalia against the victim’s thighs or butt. A frotteur might also rub their hand over the victim’s genitalia or breasts. Most frotteurs fantasize that they have an exclusive and caring relationship with their victim when the contact is made. But immediately after the contact is broken, the frotteur flees.

Basic Facts about Frotteurism:

In order to be diagnosed as actually having Frotteurism you must have Frotteuristic feelings, urges or behaviors for at least six months. Also, these feelings, urges or behaviors must cause a significant amount of distress or impairment in the frotteurs life.

  • Frotteurs are usually male and the victims are usually female
  • Frotteurism usually starts in the teenage years then decreases with age
  • Frotteurism is considered a criminal act and you can suffer legal penalties if caught
  • A frotteur may experience stress, social destruction and disturb in everyday life functions due to this disorder

Causes of Frotteurism

It’s hard to determine how many people actually have this disorder because those that do have it rarely seek treatment. Frotteurs may either think that their behavior is acceptable and that they don’t need treatment, or they may be too embarrassed to admit to it. It’s also hard to catch someone who has committed Frotteurism because right after the deed is done, the frotteur flees. Frotteurism is also considered a crime, which could be another reason people don’t want to admit to having this disorder. If a frotteur admits to intentionally rubbing or touching a non-consenting person then they may suffer legal consequences.

Treatment of Frotteurism

In order for treatment of Frotteurism to be successful, a frotteur must admit that they have a problem and want to change. Most often, a want or need for change comes from a court order.

Behavior therapy is the most common form of treatment for Frotteurism. Through behavior therapy a frotteur learns to control the impulse to touch non-consenting persons. Other times, medications such as female hormones are given to frotteurs to decrease their sexual desire.

If you feel like you suffer from frotteurism and it is negatively affecting your life then it might be time to seek professional help. Seeking help from a professional psychologist or psychiatrist will help you better understand yourself and your disorder. Professional treatment will help you cope with your frotteurism and better your way of life.

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