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Ecstasy Rehab Costs

MDMA, better known as Ecstasy, is most well known as a “club drug” as it is most often used at parties such as raves among the twenty-somethings of the world. Ecstasy offers a user short-term effects such as enhanced self-confidence,a sense of euphoric energy, acceptance and empathy, thus making it a popular drug for people who are looking for a good time.

Being so commonplace, however, has led many users to believe that Ecstasy is a “safe” alternative to other uppers, such as methamphetamines and cocaine. Closely chemically related to drugs such as crystal meth and the hallucinogen mescaline, Ecstasy has a great potential for addiction. The National Institute for Drug Abuse reports that 43 percent of Ecstasy users meet the diagnostic criteria for drug addiction.

Symptoms of Ecstasy Dependence

  • The need for escalating amounts of the drug to achieve the same high or to feel “normal”
  • Neglecting personal relationships in favor of Ecstasy use
  • Feeling little to no control over use of the drug

For those who can identify with the aforementioned symptoms, there are many different options one can turn to for help. Unfortunately, many HMOs and other health insurance agencies will often cover only a fraction of rehab costs. However, Ecstasy Rehab cost depends a great deal on the type of rehabilitation a patient desires.

Basic Cost of Ecstasy Rehab and How Prices Impact Treatment

Rehabilitation is not generally achieved quickly, and thus can rack up quite a bill. Of course the price tag for ecstasy rehab changes from facility to facility, and can vary quite drastically based on the type of facility a patient chooses. Basic outpatient treatments can cost an upwards of $1400, where residential programs seem to average out around $4000. Of course, as controversial as luxury rehab programs can be,those who desire a luxury facility might find themselves paying $15,000 a month. Deciding what Ecstasy rehabilitation program is best varies from patient to patient, so it is always important to pick the treatment program that fits with you, rather than assuming the higher cost facilities are obviously the best.

Cost of Ecstasy Rehabilitation Programs versus Not Treating Addiction

While even the cheapest programs at $1400 might seem like a hefty price to pay, it is often cheaper to get help breaking an addiction rather than paying for a long-term addiction. With street prices ranging from $25 to $70 a tablet6, taking Ecstasy on a regular basis can get extremely expensive—especially when it begins to take more and more to get the same high. Users who take only three tablets or “hits” a week, can find that the cost for rehab would be reached in half a year. However, there are many addicts have been known to use much more than just three tablets a week, often taking two or three a night when at a club.

About Ecstasy Rehab Programs

Whether at an outpatient program or luxury rehab, the basics of the programs are the same. After all, they all have the same goals, to help someone addicted to Ecstasy regain control over their lives.

First, programs attempt to remove users from situations where they might be tempted to use again. With live-in facilities, this can be easily achieved. With outpatient programs it is important for the patients caretakers to make sure that the patient stays away from places such as clubs where drug use will be taking place. As many users who have become addicted will have withdrawal symptoms from stopping Ecstasy use, many programs institute 12-step programs that help wean the patients off Ecstasy while using talk therapy to attempt to reach any root problems that might encourage the patient to start using again.

Even though it is possible to feel helpless when addicted to Ecstasy, there is always help. With the number of different programs available, it is only necessary to find the one that will work for each individual. If unsure, it is always possible to discuss options with a health care professional who is trained to help in any way possible.

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