Drug Overdose

Recovering from Drug Overdose

The aftermath of a drug overdose is difficult, whether it was another individual’s and proved fatal, your own and you survived, or someone close to you who has survived but remains shattered and drug dependent. Finding a counselor to see you and/or the person that suffered the overdose through the emotional aftermath of a drug overdose is a positive and proactive way of dealing with the hurt and grief lingering after an event inspires.

The Aftermath of Overdose

  • Grief and guilt when a loved one overdoses.
  • Guilt, grief, and complications as a survivor of overdose.
  • Coping with an overdose survivor.
  • Moving on.

After the Funeral

There are few things as likely to provoke guilt and grief than the death by overdose of a friend or family member. Many survivors suffer a shattering sense that they might have somehow intervened, while others blindly wonder why disaster struck their friend or family member and not them. Still others relentlessly search their hearts for how they failed someone dear to them, hoping and dreading they’ll find an answer to drug use, drug abuse, and drug death in the muddled memories of friendship or family life. Often there is no basis for such grief, guilt, and sense of blame. A good personal counselor, often a grief counselor, is often required to help navigate the waters of survivor’s guilt and help a mourner find a way back to life and hope.

Back from the Grave – What Now?

A person who has survived a drug overdose is no less guilty and grieving than their friends and family would be if they had died. Few things can more clearly demonstrate that life is out of control than waking up in an emergency ward after having been treated for overdose. Such events and feelings can be a turning point in a life already damaged in some way. Whether the overdose was entirely accidental, a matter of negligence and drug abuse, or a suicide attempt, there are still many trailing threads to bind off, and a great amount of mending to be done before a patient can pick up their life and continue. A personal counselor with a strong background in drug use, abuse, and suicide can help a survivor find their way back to wholeness.

Living with an Overdose Survivor

Even the most innocent-seeming accidental drug overdose leaves great chaos in its wake. Near-death experience is hard on all parties involved, and long-term emotional adjustments are normal. In the far more common cases in which overdose was due to negligence, drug abuse or attempted suicide, the questions to be dealt with become vastly more complex. In these instances, family counseling or counseling those in a relationship with the mentally ill or addictive can become a necessity if the situation is to be endured and turned to a positive situation.

Life After the Fall

In any and all of these situations, survivors face the single challenge of how to move on. Shock, dismay, awareness of mortality, guilt, blame, and anger are likely to be present after an overdose. To learn techniques for coping, and to organize life and feelings toward survival and hope, many people seek counseling.

Finding a Counselor

Locating a skilled, reliable professional can be an overwhelming challenge under these circumstances. Fortunately, hospitals, drug rehab programs, suicide hot lines, medical doctors and other resources often have information to help survivors find the help that they and their families need to recover after an overdose. Whether dealing with mourning after a death or healing after a lucky survival, referral agencies of many types can put survivors on the right path to eventually experiencing recovery and new life.

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