Life is full of options and choices, each changing the way we decide to live our lives. Making these decisions requires an internal thought process that weighs out the positive and negative aspects of each choice. For some, this process can be absolutely terrifying and the fear of making the wrong choice will ultimately cause them to avoid making any choice at all. This fear of decision-making is called Decidophobia and could ultimately lead to an unhealthy dependence on others or unpractical methods of guidance and, subsequently, a total lack of control over the direction that their life will take.

Symptoms of Decidophobia

The symptoms of decidophobia can range from to insignificant to incredibly severe, often mimicking similar symptoms found in anxiety disorders or panic attacks. Symptoms include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Excessive sweating
  • Muscle Tension
  • Dizziness or nausea
  • Hyperventilation
  • Feeling of being trapped or stuck
  • An irrational feeling of impending disaster

While symptoms of decidophobia are not extensively threatening to a person’s health, they can gradually worsen without treatment. Eventually, a person may become unable to make any personal decisions, regardless of their severity, and become completely dependent on another person. This can lead to unhealthy relationships or a total dependency on other people. A person suffering from this disorder may also see their life changing in unintended ways, losing their personal control over the directions that their life takes. This lack of control can lead to depression, which is a severe and common symptom associated with long-term decidophobia.

Treatment of Decidophobia

Decidophobia may also cause a person to place all of their beliefs into unhealthy and unproven methods of guidance, such as astrology, tarot cards or psychics. These methods of industry are extremely general and unreliable, commonly viewed for entertainment purposes, which should serve no basis in making serious life choices. These types of services can also be incredibly expensive, as they are run as business models, causing a person with decidophobia serious financial loss coupled with their misguidance. Treatment options usually includes a form of cognitive therapy, focused on remapping and strengthening their decision making process. Medication may also be prescribed to relieve tension and reduce personal stress levels.

If the inability to make any of the important decisions in your life is something you would like to change, consider looking into self-help methods or professional treatment options. The Internet is a great place to start your research and to get a few helpful tips that can help start you on the road to recovery. Making the decision to seek treatment for your decidophobia shows that you are already well on your way towards making the necessary improvements to change your life. Asking a friend or loved one to aid you in treatment can also be very beneficial on a personal level.

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