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Darvon Addiction Treatment

Darvon is a drug used by doctors to prescribe to patients for pain. Darvon is a legal prescription painkiller. It is a combination of propoxyphene, which has its roots from opium, and aspirin. These prescriptions are slated to provide relief for mild to moderate pain. However, this painkiller is only to be used for short periods of time. But what starts out as a small dose may turn into a fast, downward spiral into addiction.

Stages and symptoms associated with a Darvon addiction include:

  • Withdrawal
  • Psychological
  • Social

When abused, Darvon is different from other painkillers in that it has physical and psychological effects related to addiction. The effects of a Darvon addiction are deadly as it is an extremely toxic drug. In fact, Darvon is so toxic that it is chosen by terminally ill patients as a drug of choice in “right-to-die” situations. This drug has become the most frequently prescribed pain medication for those types of patients.

Psychological & Social Symptoms

There are a plethora of symptoms associated with addiction to Darvon and it is important to note the psychological and social symptoms. Those suffering with an addiction to Darvon may tend to run through prescriptions too quickly, and they may avoid over-the-counter medication due to reactions when combined with Darvon. People who are addicted to Darvon may also exhibit unusual secluded behavior.


Abrupt discontinued use of the drug can be highly dangerous. Making a clean break from a Darvon addiction, or “cold turkey,” can induce symptoms including anxiety, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, aches and pain, restlessness, shakiness, sweating, abnormal skin sensations, paranoia and hallucinations. Therefore, it is important to find a detox center where treatment and gradual removal from the drug can be monitored.


It is important to recognize that it is rare that the person who is suffering from the addiction will actively seek help on their own. Therefore, it is extremely important that if you know someone who is battling an addiction to Darvon to find help immediately. A drug rehabilitation center that specializes in Darvon addiction treatment will help. The first step in curing addiction is recognizing that there is a problem. Physical addiction treatment will take place, followed by counseling. Support groups are also a good way to follow post-rehab treatment. Joining a support group is imperative as it allows the person suffering with the addiction to be able to relate to others who have suffered with similar addictions.

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