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Crystal Meth Rehab Costs

Crystal Meth is a dangerous and addictive methamphetamine that has a pronounced effect on a users’ nervous system. While addiction to the drug is nearly inevitable with as little as one use, crystal meth treatment centers have recently posted very successful rates in healing addiction and aiding a patient during the recovery process. Treatment methods have improved drastically within recent years and crystal meth rehabilitation centers have proved themselves as one of the most successful ways to beat an addiction.

Signs of Crystal Meth Use:

  • Depression
  • Paranoia
  • Skin Abscesses
  • Aggressiveness
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Decreased Appetite
  • Insomnia

Success of Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment

In 1996, the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse1 found that an estimated 4.9 million people have tried Meth at least once in their lifetime. Controversially, the same study conducted in 2004 had found that approximately 11.7 million people aged 12 and up have used the drug. With roughly 4.9% of Americans over 12 years old experimenting with methamphetamines, it is imperative that drug prevention and treatment evolve as well. In recent years, treatment methods have changed considerably, information has become widely available and treatment centers are finding higher success rates in this age range. Between 2002 and 2008, the study showed that “past month use” declined heavily, dropping from .3% to .1% in ages 12 to 17 and from .6% to .2% in ages 18 to15.

These plunging numbers are a source of inspiration within the field of drug treatment and have helped hundreds of previous meth users overcome the overwhelming addiction process. Long-term effects of the drug are largely psychological and can lead to insomnia, bizarre mental states, aggressiveness, confusion and panic. As tolerance develops quickly, many users will find it harder to live life without the use of meth. The withdrawal symptoms on a user can be incredibly severe and nearly impossible to overcome without a treatment plan, which makes professional help even more important as it is easy for a user to re-dose on the drug to temporarily avoid the symptoms. Most rehabs include a medical and psychological component, usually working towards the time tested 12-step process. Detox, a period of medical stabilization to ensure that all elements of the drug have left your body, usually starts the rehabilitation process to ensure that a patient is completely clean and open to the program.

About Crystal Meth Treatment Programs

There are many types of crystal meth treatment programs available for those looking to start fighting against addiction and start on the road to recovery. Most rehabilitation programs recommend a 30-night stay for a first time, while some with repeat problems should look into longer treatment periods.

Any credible professional will tell you that entering into crystal meth rehab or a treatment center specializing in crystal meth abuse is crucial in overcoming addiction and starting the process of recovery.


1National Institute of Drug Abuse

Used to find official government statistics and information about of methamphetamines.

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