Crystal Meth Overdose

The Dangers Of Crystal Meth Overdose

Crystal methamphetamine is a particularly dangerous and addictive drug, and overdoses are both possible and common given the drug’s large number of users. Overdosing on crystal meth can cause permanent damage to the drug user, and can even result in death. Some of the major consequences of a crystal meth overdose are:

  • in the brain
  • Kidney failure
  • Stroke
  • Fatal heart issues
  • Permanent brain damage

As crystal meth can be smoked or injected and as regular users build up a tolerance, overdose is a major concern. If you know someone who uses crystal methamphetamine, it’s a good idea to learn about the signs of an overdose and what to do if it occurs.

Crystal Meth: Recognizing The Signs Of An Overdose

A person who is overdosing on crystal meth will show signs of the same high associated with the drug, but may seem confused or restless. The drug user may become aggressive or paranoid. Loss of muscle control may occur, followed by stroke or heart attack.

Crystal meth overdose is most common among addicts who use the drug intravenously, as they may not be able to accurately estimate the amount of the drug that they’re using and intravenous drug use is instantaneous. First-time injectors are particularly at risk. It’s also possible to overdose by not realizing the strength of the drug being shot; on the other hand, as crystal meth is almost never completely pure, a person may overdose or become poisoned by additives to the drug from a normal non-lethal dose.

The most serious sign of overdose is a loss of consciousness or seizures. If you notice this symptom, immediate medical treatment is absolutely necessary.

Treating A Crystal Methamphetamine Overdose

When an overdose occurs, treatment will involve medications that counteract some of the effects of crystal meth. This can be very difficult for doctors, who will attempt to stabilize a patient as well as is possible by using a variety of means. It can be very helpful to let an emergency medical professional know how much meth was taken and how it was taken; giving them a sample of the drug may also be helpful, as it can be properly analyzed. However, exercise extreme care when handling any drugs, particularly injection needles.

As a crystal meth overdose can quickly become fatal, observers should call an emergency number immediately when an overdose occurs. Do not try to move the person who is overdosing.

After surviving an overdose, crystal meth addicts should be treated for their addiction by a licensed therapist. Crystal meth is both physically and psychologically addictive, so it’s nearly impossible to quit using the drug without help from an expert; fortunately, organizations like Narcotics Anonymous provide information for crystal meth users and their families that can help to make the recovery process as structured and comfortable as is possible.

Therapy can be a long process, but it is less expensive than continuing drug use. Long-term crystal meth use can result in serious and permanent physical and psychological symptoms, so addicts should explore treatment options with their doctors or with therapy professionals with a background in drug addiction treatment.

A crystal meth overdose can be deadly, but with proper medical treatment the chances of survival increase drastically for patients. However, patients and their families should look into addiction counseling. A drug rehab program with a long-term monitoring and treatment aspect is highly recommended by most doctors, and can be enormously helpful at treating a crystal meth addiction.

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