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Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment

Fighting for Freedom Using Counseling and Treatment

Crystal meth addiction is one of the most tenacious. Though it is technically both psychologically and physically addictive, the primary issues are psychological. By rewarding the addict for using with an intense dopamine rush of pleasure and feelings of power, while punishing with cravings, anxiety, and distress, crystal meth establishes a strong conditioned dependency. Finding counseling help can make recovery less agonizing and more likely to succeed.

  • What is crystal meth?
  • What is involved in detox?
  • Counseling and therapy.

Crystal Meth

Crystal meth is an amphetamine-like chemical that acts on the central nervous system – in particular on the brain. Produced in a range of forms, but most commonly recognized in the glassy form known as “crystal,” “meth,” “glass,” and “tina,” crystal meth suppresses processes in the brain that would reduce levels of a biochemical called “dopamine.” As levels of dopamine increase, so do feelings of power, pleasure, and excitement.

Crystal meth can trigger addiction very quickly, even at low levels over very little time. Once use has begun, the chemical and the addiction alter brain structure and chemistry. As critically, crystal meth is deeply effective at supporting mental conditioning. The pairing of highs and lows, feelings of strength, brilliance, and euphoria offset by depression, insecurity, and alienation when the drug wears off, combine with associated actions – drug related and otherwise – to encourage a more and more fractured life and lifestyle, held together only by the repeated highs the drug provides.

Detox and Crystal Meth

Compared to many drugs, detoxification from crystal meth is “easy.” The period of time needed to flush the drug from the system is brief. Unfortunately, the follow-up, which lasts far, far longer than the process of detoxification, is exceptionally brutal. Further, crystal meth is hard on the body when used, and hard on the body when given up. The use of the drug traces deep paths in the patterns of life experience and the lack of the drug’s supporting rush leaves a weakened body struggling with a frantic mind.

Behavioral Counseling

The primary treatment for crystal meth addiction, once detoxification is complete, involves intense use of behavioral counseling. The rude slang phrase for behavioral conditioning is “brainwashing.” All of us are brainwashed: our parents brainwash us to brush our teeth, do homework, and behave politely. Good brainwashing – good behavioral conditioning – can make life simpler and more rewarding. Behavioral counselors use a huge range of behavioral conditioning methods – some easy and some very unpleasant – to help patients rebuild their own day-to-day habits.

These habits need rebuilding because crystal meth has done a brainwashing job of its own. Over time, meth rewards addicts for many bad behaviors, from poor sleep patterns and poor eating habits, to bad socialization skills and anger management problems, to encouraging the use of the drug itself. Behavioral counseling provides a practice space for learning new skills and patterns by heart. This isn’t a matter of unwilling conditioning, though: only with the active and committed help from the patient can this process work at all.

Finding Help

Because the process of rehabilitation is so intense, and depends so much on the rebuilding of life skills and daily habits, it is vital to find good counseling to support the process of recovery from crystal meth. Make use of medical resources such as your own doctor, governmental or religious resources, or professional referral services to find a well-trained, reliable, respected program to help you or those you love through this desperately difficult challenge.

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