Couples Counseling

Its Value for Married and Non-Married Couples

Couples counseling is a very popular field which has expanded considerably in recent years. The purpose of couples counseling sessions are to create open lines of communication that will allow a couple to be more expressive and to treat their own relationship problems, usually without the need for ongoing counseling. If you’re in a relationship with any type of recurring issue, you may benefit from couples counseling. Couples counseling can help couples to approach problems like:

  • Adultery and affairs
  • Problematic dishonesty
  • Lack of communication
  • Some sexual dysfunction

The Differences between Couples and Marriage Counseling

All couples can find effective counseling, regardless of their legal status. Many couples wonder if there is any benefit to using a marriage counseling service rather than couples counseling. The truth is that there is very little difference between couples counseling and marriage counseling. However, in marriage counseling, the techniques used to encourage communication and problem resolution may be geared more towards the general institution of marriage, while in couples counseling the focus may be slightly different. This is largely dependent on the counselor, as different couples therapists will vary their approaches in order to better address the needs of the couple and to compel the couple to act positively to save the relationship. When trying to decide between couples counseling and marriage counseling, you should simply consider what you and your partner are more comfortable with and look at the qualifications of the counselor.

What to Look For In Couples Counselors

While the best thing to look for in a couples counselor is experience, there are educational requirements that all couples should consider. Most accredited counselors will have graduate or postgraduate degrees and a history of work in psychology or sociology. Some couples counseling sessions are specially accredited by organizations like the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Such accreditations are not necessary for a relationship therapy course to be effective, but the right accreditations can make it easier to find an experienced and well trained couples counselor.

The Methods of Relationship Counseling Courses

As mentioned already, couples counseling techniques vary greatly. This is because the problems and personalities of couples vary greatly, and while general definitions and psychological terms can be used when diagnosing and treating relationship problems, the method of treatment needs to change to account for differing variables. Experienced relationship counseling sessions generally begin with a discussion of major problems or points of contention in a relationship. The counselor tries to keep communication open throughout the sessions and encourages the couple to find their own means of resolution. Most counselors focus on developing empathy and teaching couples to read each others’ emotions more accurately. Relationship therapists might speak with one person at a time, both persons, or in some cases they may encourage group sessions with other couples.

Preparing For Relationship Counseling

You should always try to approach counseling sessions as an opportunity for growth, and after you’ve both selected a counselor, you should be willing to follow advice and fully commit yourselves to facing relationship issues through the counseling sessions. Ask your counselor if it will be helpful to prepare for the first session by writing down a list of issues to be addressed or by taking other such actions. If the counselor does not recommend any preparation, don’t prepare.

The cost of relationship counseling services can also vary, but affordable choices are available for all couples. If you’ve been considering any form of couples counseling, look for a professional in your area online and talk over the matter with your significant other. Relationship issues can be very difficult to deal with at first, but with the right counseling, it becomes much easier to address and end partnership issues and to have a more open and communicative relationship.

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