Finding Counseling Information that Truly Helps

Do you think you, a friend, or a member of your family may be in need of professional counseling? Are you too unsure of what exactly you would need and what it involves to feel quite safe taking the first steps? You’re not alone. For many people, counseling is a great unknown, possibly a blessing, but always a matter of uncertainty. Nearly a century after Sigmund Freud published his landmark works on the human mind; counseling of many sorts has blossomed into a thriving service profession. From family counseling to a wide array of addiction counseling specialties, from basic personal counseling to group therapy, there’s a style and approach to meet every need.

  • Why you need helpful resources
  • Can you locate the help you need?
  • Questions to consider before contacting a counselor
  • Achieving a great outcome

The Need for Helpful Counseling Resources

Most people only have a rough idea of what is involved in counseling. Television and movies, magazines and popular self-help books often give only the roughest idea of what goes on in various forms of therapy. Even when accurate information is provided, it’s often misleading and incomplete. Anyone hoping to learn what counseling involves must take the initiative and educate themselves.

But if you are facing some of the many profound challenges that capable, professional counselors can help with, the need to know becomes overwhelming. Where do you go to learn what you need? Are there resources you can turn to which will provide the information you need?

How to Find the Counseling You Need

Yes, there are resources that can help you. There are many resources you can draw on for reliable information, accurate and informed help in finding your way through the maze of different forms of counseling and different counseling services. Online and off there are services dedicated to providing you the information you need. In some cases, you can turn to federal, state or county health services and family services. These governmental agencies often provide well-written, accessible material both online and in printed books and pamphlets – material that can help you better understand the world of counseling services available to you. Contacting an employee of these departments can also, in many instances, provide you with a willing guide to the basic issues involved, and help you find government supported counseling if you or your family needs help.

The government isn’t the only place to turn, though. If you have a health plan, your health insurance provider can also often unravel the various available counseling services, and in some cases can refer you to a counselor. There are also organizations which provide both information and referral services on request.

Counseling Questions to Consider

When you’ve worked out which resources you would like to use in getting information, take the time to work out what you want to know. Consider whether your first need is for a particular type of counseling.

Choosing the Right Counselors

Is someone you know dealing with an addiction? There are drug counseling providers, alcoholic counseling providers, and a broad-range of addiction counselors trained to understand the intense mental and physical challenges facing anyone trapped in the bonds of addiction.

There is family counseling suitable to address many problems, from the addictive behavior of a family member to the process of grief when a family has lost a member or a close friend or relative. There are trauma counselors to help provide guidance after a catastrophic life experience. Rape counselors, abuse counselors, and more: the many needs of the human heart can be eased with well chosen counseling therapy.

After you have worked out a range of likely types of counseling that could help you, you’ll want to know how to approach a counseling service. You may want referrals to specific specialists or organizations. Cost, methods of financing, even issues of transportation may all be points you want to take up with your advisors. Make a list of questions you have. Whether you are concerned with issues of privacy and security to money matters, be ready to ask your questions.

A Great Counseling Outcome

With help and good information, you can choose the forms of counseling most useful to you or yours – and in the process, you’ll have found a treasure chest of helpful knowledge and useful contacts. Make use of the resources we offer here, at to start you on the way to a successful counseling relationship.

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