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Counseling Master's Degree

Going Graduate: On- and Off-Line Opportunities for Your Counseling Master’s Degree

Today, more educational opportunities exist for those seeking a graduate degree in counseling. With demanding personal, professional and social schedules, students have more choices about how, where and when they’ll continue their studies. Furthermore, obtaining an online education has gained credibility and additional accreditation that means that convenience doesn’t have to call your credentials into question. When it comes to deciding whether you’ll seek your counseling Master’s degree online or in a traditional classroom setting, there’s no “right” answer. Which route will work best in your situation will depend upon a number of factors, including:

  • What personal “learning style” you possess
  • How full your schedule is
  • Which classroom setting you’re most comfortable in and
  • Why you’ve decided to continue your education in the first place

How Do You Learn?

Just as people have unique personalities, we also have our own personal learning styles and strengths. Knowing yours can make a massive difference. For those who are more visual learners, success can generally be found in either setting, online or off-line. For auditory learners, a traditional classroom setting may work best, but the online learning setting can be tweaked for a higher learning response. For kinetic learners that demand hands-on learning experiences and opportunities to do things for themselves, both the on- and off-line learning routes may require that you notify your professors about your learning preference and ask for opportunities to put your newly acquired knowledge into practical application.

What You Will Learn

When you decide to attend graduate school for a Master’s degree in counseling, you’ll learn not just how to deliver, but also how to design highly effective social services. Additionally, you’ll learn how circumstances can affect both individual and group behavior, have a deeper knowledge of counseling psychology, how you can apply modern human behavior theory towards the development and evaluation of both social and behavioral programs while employing critical thinking and ethically and culturally sensitive skills towards the service of individuals, groups and even entire organizations. Taking your education to the next level in counseling is often a solution sought by those in the behavioral science, educational, psychology or social service professionals who want to deepen their understanding of leadership, management or consulting skills.

Evaluating Your Schedule

Finding the time is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face when furthering your education. If you’re already employed full-time with a family to raise or support, the concept of continuing your education can seem impossible. If you’re struggling to find the time to do simple things like cook dinner, how can you hope to meet the demands of a traditional classroom setting? The answer is that you don’t. Instead you seek a classroom setting designed to fit into your schedule instead of insisting that you fit into it. There are a growing number of online universities to offer credible credentials at the convenience you need to face the demands of a graduate education. By working closely with an educational advisor, you can create a course schedule that works for you without any added headaches or struggles. Furthermore, you can discover how to integrate your personal learning style into a virtual classroom setting to totally optimize the educational experience.

The point is that the decision to continue your education is a pivotal one and should be approached with an eye towards overall success. By finding a program geared towards your needs, you can achieve your dreams without making too many painful sacrifices.

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