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Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine Addiction Treatment: Recovering from a Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine remains one of the most popular urban-associated drugs, with an intense addictive quality. Recovering from a cocaine addiction, like recovering from any chemical addiction, is a daunting task. Finding a sound, supportive cocaine addiction treatment through a respected clinic or other care provider can help increase the odds of a successful outcome.

About cocaine and cocaine treatment

Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

As with all addictions, the primary symptom of a cocaine habit is the compelling need to use the drug, over and over. Cocaine also has a range of effects on a regular user, including euphoria, feelings of superiority, intense hyperactive energy, loss of appetite and weight loss.

Cocaine addicts quickly, and is known as a demanding addiction, not easily sustained at low levels, even soon after first uses. The frenetic energy and driving need combine, raising the blood pressure, increasing the odds of heart failure and stroke. When off the drug, cocaine users often are lethargic and lacking in energy. Cocaine disrupts sleep patterns, increases paranoia and aggressive tendencies, and causes severe restlessness.

What Makes Cocaine Addictive?

Cocaine is addictive because it causes the brain to produce excessive amounts of a biochemical called dopamine. This chemical is one of the controlling chemicals that regulate the human pleasure response. The body responds to the presence of cocaine with a very fast and extreme rush of pleasure and energy, accompanied by confidence and excitement. This aspect provides the “reward” element in chemical conditioning. Cocaine is known for providing an exceptionally intense high, followed by severe lows as the drug wears off.

These two factors allow very fast conditioning of the brain to favor drug use over drug avoidance. Drug addiction occurs when the conditioning is so powerful that it will carry on long after the drug is no longer present in the system. In essence, the drug, combined with the body’s reward/punishment and pleasure/pain reactions, serves as a brainwashing agent. Regardless of the intention to resist, the chemical reactions automatically push to override conscious refusal, encouraging continued rounds of use and withdrawal.

Recovering with Treatment

Treatment can provide help for those who want to escape cocaine addiction. The process is not pleasant, and is often physically stressful and even dangerous. An addict must endure the pain and pressure of withdrawal, and then days to weeks of behavioral conditioning to try to counteract the bio-brainwashing established by the drug. There’s personal counseling and group counseling to support the process.
Even after in-clinic treatments have largely concluded, a successful recovering addict will be expected to continue therapy and enter a follow-up support program. These continuing activities help increase the odds that recovery will be maintained. Repeated studies have indicated that drug addiction is best treated using a carefully tailored eclectic set of therapies, with a long, strong follow-up to provide continued, and often life-long support.

Finding a Good Program

Finding a good cocaine addiction treatment can make a huge difference in the ultimate outcome of an attempt to quit cocaine. To find the best program available to you, make use of all the referring resources available. Doctors, hospitals and clinics are often able to provide referrals to responsible and trusted treatment programs. Professional referral services can, likewise, help point you toward a sensible and appropriate program for you or a loved one. Take the time to investigate and interview, and review the full program before committing.

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