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Christian Marriage Counseling

When we are married, we enter into a sacred covenant as life partners in God. We promise to forever love, share and be faithful to each other. Of course, nobody said that it was going to be easy. Christian Marriage Counselors undergo years of schooling in psychology and therapy programs, as does any licensed marriage counselor. The difference is that these counselors decided to make the switch towards helping their faith and earning their Christian marriage counseling degree. These degrees help teach counselors to take the appropriate, faith-based approaches and turn to the Bible in dealing with marriage and family issues. Whether those seeking counseling require help in guiding their marriage under the word of God or are simply accounting for a loss of Christian faith or values, a Christian marriage counselor will help lead couples towards their goals through the Christian path.

How to Become a Christian Marriage Counselor

Here are recommendations that may help your path towards a Christian Marriage Counseling Degree:

  • Attend a College or University, preferably majoring in psychology or counseling with a minor in any Christian-related religious studies
  • Take up an internship related to psychology services, which could include a conflict-resolution center, counseling center, etc.
  • Ask your local Church for guidance regarding appropriate locations to find a counseling degree, if you don’t already have one in mind
  • Earn your master’s degree in Christian marriage or family therapy in order to provide your future patients with practical advice, based directly on the Christian faith.

Why Get a Christian Marriage Counseling Degree?

Christian marriage counseling has helped thousands of couples restore both their faith in God and their faith in each other. What most don’t realize is the stark contrast between an actual “Christian counselor” and a “Christian” counselor. While some marriage counselors will indeed be a part of the Christian faith, that does not necessarily mean they will draw upon these morals and ideals to better guide a marital issue. The biggest and most obvious difference would be the commitment of those who attain their Christian marriage counseling degree. This additional coursework is required to professionally practice adequate Christian counseling.

If you are a Christian who seeks to help the lives of fellow Christian couples and improve their local communities, getting your Christian marriage counseling degree is a necessary step towards completing your goal. This degree will aid you in your goal of becoming a licensed mental health counselor or marriage and family therapist, working specifically with Christian couples. Once you have completed this, start your practice through a local agency or church and take comfort in knowing you will be improving the marriages of fellow Christians. A commitment to Christ-centered care and recovery through the good book is exactly what those seeking a good Christian marriage counselor will be looking for.

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