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Christian Drug Rehab

Treating Addiction with Faith

Drug addiction is a serious problem, and without the right treatment, addicts are likely to continue their drug use. Dozens of different treatment options are available to handle different types of addicts, including Christian drug rehab programs. Christian drug rehab offers a faith-based alternative to traditional treatment. This is advantageous for several reasons, including:

  • A strong mental incentive for Christian addicts
  • Treatment options that involve the family and loved ones
  • Using an addict’s church as a means of support

The nurturing and loving atmosphere of Christian drug rehab centers has made them a very popular choice. If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs, there are a few things to know about Christian drug rehab before signing up for a program.

Are Christian Drug Rehabilitation Programs Effective?

A popular misconception about Christian drug rehab programs is that they use unscientific methods or that they’re less effective compared to other drug rehabilitation options. In fact, many Christian drug rehab centers offer extremely high success rates due to the nurturing atmosphere and the broad support that they offer.

Christian drug treatment centers usually hire licensed therapists and doctors, and although their focus is faith-based treatment, the programs still use the same methods as non-denominational programs to treat the underlying causes of addiction, including emotional issues that may have led to drug use in the first place. For Christian drug addicts, a Christian drug rehab center is an effective way to use faith as one of many tools when treating addiction and avoiding further drug use.

If you’re interested in Christian drug treatment but you’re worried about the qualifications of a particular facility, ask for information about the educational backgrounds of their therapists and doctors.

What to Expect From Christian Drug Treatment

Christian drug rehab centers will treat addictions very differently depending on the drug being used and the addict’s behavior, personality, and other factors. Detoxification may be necessary for serious physical dependencies like heroin addiction, or even alcohol addiction.

There are both inpatient and outpatient Christian drug rehab programs. Inpatient programs treat the patient in a facility; the addict stays at the facility for faith-based treatment and classes for a set period, usually anywhere from a week to a month. The addict then receives ongoing care after they leaves the Christian drug rehab treatment center.

Outpatient care consists solely of this ongoing care, classes, support groups, and other types of treatment that do not require the addict to stay at the facility. Throughout treatment, faith is emphasized, but good Christian drug treatment centers do not try to “guilt” the addict into avoiding drugs. Instead, faith is used as a means of support from which the addict can draw strength.

Some Christian drug rehab centers are sponsored by specific churches, while others are standalone organizations that are non-denominational. Many Christian drug rehab centers also offer programs for non-Christian addicts that retain the effective treatment of the Christian programs but without a focus on faith.

Faith can be a very effective means of treating drug addiction, and if you or someone you know has a serious addiction, the strength provided by a Christian drug treatment program can be an excellent way to start down the road to recovery. The important thing is to get treatment as soon as possible, as this can make drug addiction treatment easier and more successful. With the help of an addict’s faith and the support provided by Christian drug rehab programs, any drug addiction can be successfully treated.

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