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Christian Alcohol Rehab

Finding Recovery and Redemption through Christian Alcohol Rehab

Christian alcohol recovery programs have become popular and effective because they embrace the best of both the religious and secular worlds. Most of these treatment methods are built upon the combination of scripture with the existing dimensions offered by the 12 Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous. The end result of this methodology is a rehab program that offers both physical and spiritual healing and is built upon a spirit of love and compassion. These treatment facilities are generally staffed with credentialed Christian men and women who are often in the long-term recovery stages of alcohol rehabilitation. Whereas many other alcoholism treatment options center upon theories or philosophies, Christian alcohol rehab facilities are Christ-centered and treat the person based on their personal identity and their communal identity in Christ with empowerment and accountability, viewing the world through the eyes of eternity, not merely the here and now. Furthermore, there are programs available not just for alcoholics, but the people around them as well. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Children of alcoholics.
  • Spouses or significant others.
  • Parents of alcoholics.

Christian alcohol rehab facilities strengthen the tenets of modern psychology with the biblical doctrine and the encouragement of past heroes of the faith.

Despite the addition of the Scriptures, Christian alcohol rehab programs also offer the very latest aspects of psychology and are committed to lasting recovery and change.

Some of the Differences Between Christian and Secular Alcohol Rehabilitation

There are a number of ways that Christian and secular recovery programs can be distinguished. While secular treatment methods are licensed by the state, not only is religion not incorporated into the treatment options, it’s often actually forbidden in the process. Christian programs, on the other hand, generally employ professionals who attended Bible Colleges or other Christian universities. Furthermore, many of them are also members of organizations that provide them with additional credibility and accountability. Christian alcohol rehab may or may not be covered by your insurance programs or health plans, and may potentially offer lower overall fees than state sponsored alcohol rehab programs.

Christian Alcohol Rehabilitation Can Repair Relationships and Bring About Healing

One of the casualties in the war with any type of addiction is the relationships that can be damaged beyond repair. Fortunately, one of the ways the Christian alcohol recovery programs can help individuals embrace the beauty of second chances. Healing and restoration are often brought to relationships that had once been given up as lost causes. Christian treatments allow the addicts to offer and seek forgiveness for past wrongs and to work at mending the fences. Marriages and families are often resurrected out of the ashes of their previous destruction through the hope and healing of faith and forward momentum.

Alcoholics are able to acknowledge the injuries and insults that they have perpetrated in the lives of the people they love and come to terms with how connected all of us are in our lives, and how the things that affect us go on to affect others around us, whether intentionally or not. Along the way, they form new relationships with people who offer a fresh perspective and other tips, tactics and success strategies.

Christian recovery programs, while not for everyone, have a lot to offer individuals committed to the message and ministry of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit as revealed in the chapters and versus of the Holy Bible. If you or someone you know suffers from alcoholism, it might be worth it to contact a recovery center near you.

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