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Bath Salt Treatment

Bath salts are a dangerous and addicting blend of up to eighty illicit drug components. The street drug is growing in popularity and usually contains methylenedioxyprovalerone (MPDV), pyrovalerone and mephedrone.

The illegal drug is snorted, ingested or injected. It is commonly called Ivory Wave, Zoom, Cloud Nine or White Lightning, among other street names.

The drug use results in a feeling of euphoria, agitation, increased pulse and blood pressure and potential suicidal thoughts among other serious effects. Users progressively increase the amount of bath salts they use and quickly become addicted to the drug.

Rehabilitation for Bath Salts

Bath salts are the sixth most commonly used drug in the U.S., after tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy, according to a study done as recently as 2011. The abusers are mostly younger age males. Addiction treatment programs and drug rehabilitation centers are located worldwide for detoxification purposes and care. After an initial inpatient drug treatment center stay or rehab, many patients go on to live in a sober house to continue their recovery. Monitoring and treatment of medical symptoms and the addict’s emotional well-being are the main focus of safe detoxification.

The Cost of Detox

In recent years, there has been an increase in rehab facilities that accept private insurance payment. The costs vary greatly:

  • Ultra luxury and luxury treatment cost $20,000-$80,000 a month depending on the amenities.
  • Standard treatment with basic amenities and sharing a room cost $10,000-$20,000 a month.
  • Low cost a free drug treatment for those with little funds to cover the cost are available and accept private insurance.
  • Some patients with private insurance opt for outpatient treatment plans to save on housing and food costs. Patients who qualify for Medicare and/or Medicaid can often receive free rehab and detox care.

Withdrawal Symptoms

The withdrawal symptoms from bath salts are standard to other narcotics. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Chills
  • Sweats
  • Hallucinations

Entering a drug rehab facility allows the addict to be removed from the familiar surroundings and people with whom their bath salts addiction is associated. It allows the physical, emotional and psychological elements of their addiction to be addressed.

The physical detox symptoms can last for several days after abstaining from bath salts. The support of a trained medical staff will help a recovering addict navigate the intense withdrawal from bath salts.

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