The simple act of trying is the only way we are able to reach personal goals in your life. When we try new things there are two possible outcomes: success or failure. Atychiphobia is an irrational fear of failure that will eventually hold back an individual so strongly that they will refuse to do anything that they cannot assure their success on.

Symptoms of Atychiphobia

  • Extreme mental anxiety
  • Digestive Issues
  • Headache
  • Muscle Tension
  • Panic (rapid breathing, dry mouth, sweating, nausea)

These symptoms will usually arise in an atychiphobic patient when they are asked to do a new task or something that they know they will not be 100% successful at. The mental process of the individual will become so cluttered with fear that they may seem to “break down” when put into these situations. If the phobia remains untreated, symptoms will continue to worsen over time. A loss of motivation and drop in self-confidence are soon to follow which may lead to even more severe symptoms such as depression.

Treatment of Atychiphobia

There is no universally proven cause of the phobia but many feel it can be linked back to a traumatic event from a person’s childhood. Overcoming your fear of failure is entirely dependent on how willing, motivated and determined you are to make the personal change. While there is no complete cure to atychiphobia, the method to overcoming it is by changing your thought process to better cope with frightening situations. Medication is usually not encouraged for most patients. As there is no cure for atychiphobia, many professionals see these drugs as masking the problem instead of actually treating the problem. Other treatment methods are available and have shown some positive results in treating atychiphobic behavior. Counseling is by far the most popular option to treating the phobia. By visiting with a trusted counselor, you should eventually be able to open up and create new coping strategies to deal with stressful situations. Self-help methods, as well as other strategies like hypnotherapy, can also be useful in dealing with the fear of failure and can help the patient understand that failure is not the end and is actually crucial in the growing process.

Do not let an irrational fear of failure stand in your way of personal success. If you are looking for a way to overcome your atychiphobia and take back control of your life, visit with a treatment professional and get familiar with the methods that can best help you overcome your phobia.

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