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Alcohol Rehab Programs

Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

When you’re dealing with alcoholism, in yourself or someone close to you, it’s important the resources available to you. Dealing with addiction alone is nearly impossible. Dealing with addiction with the help of a good alcohol rehab program is still difficult, but much less likely to fail.

Getting Help

  • What can a rehab program do for you?
  • What can you expect in treatment?
  • How long does recovery from alcohol addiction take?
  • How can you find a great alcohol rehab program?

What Do Rehab Programs Offer?

Alcoholism is such a common problem in our culture, of such historical long standing, that we often tend to forget it’s not substantially different from any other chemical dependency. Alcoholism is a ferocious, bitter addiction with deep physical and psychological roots, made harder to kick by the social acceptance alcohol use is given by our culture. To kick alcohol an addict must endure the physical withdrawal symptoms, the stress associated with not only withdrawal, but the aftermath, must then rebuild his or her life, and then find the strength and resources to enter society in the knowledge that the temptation to backslide will be eternally present.

A good alcoholic rehab program offers you support through the difficulty of recovery. Medical support when undergoing the pain, fear, danger and distress of withdrawal, counseling and medication in the aftermath, guidance and training as you reenter your world, and strong follow-up programs to carry you through the years ahead.

What Happens in Rehab?

The first thing to deal with after entering a rehab program is detox: the process of withdrawal and recovery from withdrawal. This process can be severely painful, and even dangerous. Few realize the damage done by alcohol or the further damage done by the withdrawal process. Skilled doctors and medical therapists will see a patient through using both counseling skills and medical skills.

After withdrawal a patient will begin personal counseling and a therapeutic regimen aimed at returning the body to true health. Years of addictive abuse and the stress of withdrawal can leave a patient physically depleted with many health issues to deal with. At the same time the patient is beginning to experience life outside addiction for the first time in a long time, and the experience can be unsettling, and emotionally expensive. Personal counseling, therapy, and in some cases medication combine in this stage to help a client prepare to reenter the world

Following this period will come many months of personal counseling, combined with behavioral training, and often group therapy and the beginning of follow-up programs, including 12-step programs as the patient reenters their old life with a new set of skills and new hope.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

There are many true answers to that question, but few precise ones. Recovery time depends on how much damage an addiction has done, how much emotional work a patient needs to do to feel secure going back into their ordinary life, and how effective support networks and relationships are, among many other variables. Detox treatment itself takes about six weeks. The counseling that follows detox can take months, or may shift to an outpatient counseling pattern soon after detox. The true recovery, however, takes a lifetime: each day is a new recovery.

How to Find the Best Rehab for Your Needs

Finding help is easier than many people realize. There are so many services waiting to provide resources, aid and guidance. By making use of governmental health and family service representatives, medical consultants including personal doctors and clinics, and referral systems there are few people who can’t gain access to the information they need to locate a reliable rehab clinic. Once you’ve assembled a list of capable options, you can begin the interview process, choosing the program that’s perfect for you.

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