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Alcohol Abuse Treatment

When Drinking is a Problem

Alcohol abuse is a major problem for families and individuals, in part due to the large amount of confusion as to what alcohol abuse actually is. In a narrow sense, alcohol abuse can be defined as any use of alcohol that results in serious intoxication. However, it is more often used as a term synonymous with alcohol addiction, and alcohol abuse treatment is necessary when this is the case.

Addicts require alcohol abuse treatment due to the potential consequences of regular, immoderate alcohol use, including:

  • A breakdown in relationships with family members and friends
  • Dramatically inhibited job performance
  • Physical dependence on alcohol
  • Damage to the liver, kidney, and heart

If you or someone that you know abuses alcohol on a regular basis, then it’s time to seek treatment in order to avoid these consequences and to improve the quality of life for the addict.

Recognizing the Signs of Alcohol Dependence

A person who regularly abuses alcohol will exhibit a number of symptoms of alcohol addiction. These may include physical signs of alcohol withdrawal, for instance sweating, cold and clammy skin, and shaking, frequently referred to as “the shakes.” This occurs when an alcohol addict’s body becomes dependent on alcohol to the point where it confuses alcohol with necessary body chemicals; when a regular supply of alcohol is suddenly interrupted, the body reacts.

Other signs of alcohol abuse are more difficult to notice. Alcohol abusers may hide drinks, drink at work, or drink in situations in which it is not socially acceptable to do so. Alcohol abuse treatment should be sought if any of these symptoms are present, but a therapist can help you to decide whether alcohol abuse treatment is necessary for a loved one or for yourself.

Treatment Options for Alcohol Abuse

Regardless of the causes or severity of alcohol abuse, treatment is an absolute necessity and can be obtained relatively inexpensively. Fortunately, there are hundreds of options available for people who abuse alcohol and their families. One of the most popular is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), which is present in most communities and offers a comprehensive program of alcohol treatment. AA uses a group therapy setting to provide support to the alcohol abuser as he or she tries to quit.

However, AA is far from the only option available to alcohol abusers. Other organizations and facilities may be worthwhile options and may be ideal for specific types of alcohol abusers. For instance, Christian alcohol abuse treatment centers are a good choice for alcohol addicts looking for faith-based treatment. Group or individual therapy may be used independently or in conjunction with one another. Severe addicts may consider an inpatient alcohol abuse treatment center, as these centers can make it impossible to have access to alcohol and can remove many stressful elements and bad influences in an alcohol abuser’s life.

The important thing to keep in mind is that alcohol abuse treatment needs to be carried out as soon as a problem is identified. Use a licensed therapist or an alcohol abuse treatment center with qualified doctors and psychologists. In general, alcohol abuse treatment requires a background in psychology or sociology–therapists should have a graduate degree or a post-graduate degree.

While treatment options vary, the patient and his or her family should work with a therapist to choose an affordable and effective option. Treating alcohol abuse can feel like an uphill battle, but if you or someone you know has abuses alcohol regularly, the right treatment can make it much easier to live a healthier and less destructive lifestyle.

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