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Give it up to God
July 23, 2008
11:23 am
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September 27, 2010
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Quantum mechanics stuff segues nicely into discussions about the "God concept" as there are so many levels of energy and with their equivalency with matter and unity with the rest of the universe - or universes - we of the western mind are only beginning to approach this subject from the scientific point of view.

All of the assumptions that we base our concepts of reality on are crumbling in the scientific world at the sub atomic level. Now we're really not sure what matter is, let alone certain as to the nature of energy itself, or how the universe is really held together. All of highest developed thoughts in any of our minds just become electrical impulses, forms of light, really, that dance around in our craniums, giving us time delayed pictures of reality.

Therein lies the limits of thought and understanding when an organism evolving from the particles formed in the death of stars could develop to the point of making vain attempts of replicating the reality of the universe by continually maniuplating the abstract concepts others come up with, that we accept as assuredly as others would accept the existence of esoteric beings they would call their Gods.

I think if suffices to say from the 12 step point of view what we are looking at there are many layars of thinking that sit on top of the mistaken arrogant notion that somehow the daily buzzing as bees around a hive of what goes on in our thoughtworld is somehow revealing as to universal causality or that somehow we have the conscious ability to exercise direct control over the primal forces of our life, moods, sense of contentment, connectedness the mortal crossroads of having to surrender their control over their lives or else surrender their very lives.

Without a step one, to admit we do not have any control over the life force, the compulsive life of the mind, the causality of all things, or even the capacity for happiness, even while exercising all the forces of will power, that these will never be sufficient to achieve our ends, regardless of how earnest we may be, or how we have pain stakingly worked out the iron firm logic in our minds.

This would bring one to Step Two where one begins to see that events in this world, and within this universe, whether seen or unseen, are far more instrumental in the daily maintenance of their lives than the busy noise occurring within the paltry life of their thought world, or the endless desires to become more than what they perceive they have. And then to see that it is the crazy notions in our minds themselves are really what caused the suffering, our self will the driving force behind the crumbling of our spirits.

What a deflating notion to uncover the underlying basis of a lifetime worth of assumptions and self arrogant self proclaimed wisdom were only based on the delusion of egoic control and that underlying them is a rare form of humility leading to fleeting moments of serenity, but only when one clears out all that garbage and can see it clearly using the flashlight of reason, that having illuded us for decades, living as we were in an insanity we called normal life.

How could a life be so minimized that its only purpose seems to obfuscate or cause misery, leaving so many wanting so much more. Could it be that it is us that causes all the misery, reduces the conception of life to such basic reductionist assumptions, where even the basic joys are few or none at all. How does one in such circumstances then proclaim to themselves mastery over knowledge of the unverse, of the life force, of even of some conception of God himself?

The life of the spirit has taken a beating within the dysfunctional souls and begins like a child to rediscover the world upon which we walk, once liberated from the chains of delusion and denial, resentment, justification and self pity.

The magical forces of unexplained causality are all around and one can train oneself to begin to notice these wonderous miracles of small singularities that spring out of nothingness and then be grateful to an unseen maker who seems to mischievously delight in perplexing us and yet leaving sublime and delicious clues along the way.

When one is stuck in the glum nature of emptiness is when one must make effort at some sort of change in their lives, little by little without benefit of immediate gratification, to begin to re-frame their consciousness to the greater vibration of all that hums through and through the cosmos.

I can only be metaphorical at this stage but if one is not in awe and wonder then one is asleep. I have been literally unconscious many years of my life and the joy of any form of the smallest awakening to the reality of the life of the soul as it imprints itself within the grand connectedness of all sentient vibrational energy forms, and to know we simply are not disconnected little bone bags full of blood and crap and electrical & all, the space-time continuum, happiness, or worse, the behaviour of others.

In think un some ways the Alcoholic is the lucky one that their circumstances brought them to that stimuli, sparking their way up and down our cerebral-spinal centers, but are somehow divine in origin. I can out think the sceptics and out dream the visionaries. Because I simply choose to do so without earthly scientifict justification for everything.

July 23, 2008
8:45 pm


Thank you for your brilliant and outstanding post of 21-Jul-08.

It was like a beacon of light on a moonless night.

You wrote:

"PLEASE don't flag me up or draw attention to me like last time I dared re-appear a few months ago! I know you meant well, but it scared me off! Sorry."

Indeed your nickname is well chosen. Please remember that the brilliant insights of your mind are stronger than the most powerful lasers! Those insights will cut through the thickest ignorance of the most misguided of minds. Fear not, gentle one!

July 24, 2008
2:20 pm
New Member
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September 29, 2010
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How do u begin to believe that there is someone/something out there willing to guide you but yet has failed to guide you when u are at rock bottom trying to find a means to an end? When all else has failed and nothing but the end appears to be an option. Where are they now? If they are here , it shouldnt be so dark, lonely and confusing, there should be answers, light, hope.

July 24, 2008
10:44 pm
New Member
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Member Since:
September 27, 2010
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Damn CraigCo!

Where the hell did you come from?

Wow and Whew!

My word!

My sense is that what you wrote did not originate from you directly but perhaps was rather channeled.

Never, EVER have I EVER read anthing anywhere with such succinct and utter clarity.


(And I consider myself to be very well versed.)

You are operating in a zone, I would venture to say is quite remarkable.

Your insight simply astonishes me!

(Don't believe that I have ever said that to anyone before.)

I think that you have a gift.

I'm just pretty floored by it all.

I know abslolute TRUTH when I hear/read it.

(Comes from a lifetime of trying to give creedence over and over again-to no avail - to that which seems to try and masquarade itself as truth.....to no avail - in the end.)

You, my friend - have really nailed it!

Where in the world did you come from?

Your "handle" on "things" is unsurpassed to anything by anyone I have ever run accross....EVER.

Do you have a book?

(If not, you should seriously consider doing so.......)

Rare are the words that you have openly expressed.

I am damned imnpressed.

(And I am not easily impressed at all.......)

You are really on to something.

I know sheer brillance and genius when I see/hear/read it.

You have really got it going on CraigCo!

What's up with you?

Where the hell did you come from to be able to surmmise and eloquently present such ineffable truths?

I am quite blown away, to be honest.


July 24, 2008
10:57 pm
New Member
Forum Posts: -1
Member Since:
September 27, 2010
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PS - I guess I have to say (and reiterate in re-reading CraigCo's response) that where arrogance seperates.....humility, most assuredly - connects.

Walking the tightwire.


maybe - it just really is so...that when we finally lose ourselves (flying solo without a safety net) - we find ourselves in the process....

July 25, 2008
5:49 am
Forum Posts: 39
Member Since:
September 27, 2010
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Feel like I have clarity of thought some days, then a complete nutbar on others. One extreme to the other.

Some days I don't know whether to shit or wind my watch (pardon my frnch) so to speak.(lol)

I have been fortunate enough to have acquired a few extremely intelligent friends over the years whom I've been able to bounce things off of so it's really just a compilation of thoughts & ideas that have piled up in my noggin over time through my relationshipes with these clever folks.

A lot of of abstract, esoteric, philosophical bunch of BS, which may be interesting but often irrelevant to personal growth, and the message of the 12 step program, which is what I believe would be more useful to me.
I feel it's important to make that distinction.

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