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Chinadoll~Be greeted.
August 12, 2010
12:00 am
New Member
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September 30, 2010
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Greetings Chinadoll~

I just wrote this
looong post to you..then decided not to post all that.quite
yet..wondered if you have come across Dabrowski before? Choice
theory? If you find you resonate with any of this? ..it seems many
empaths do well within this framework as they work through
intensities..to find a functional, workable position with which to
manage this oft. times challenging ability..i too am quite highly
empathic and have abilities like those i have seen you mention and
exhibit, there are others here too who have the same..i have been
variously led to Dabrowski's work, worked with a specialist in this
field and it has been an absolute blessing to me. I feel you may
have also experienced positive disintegration on some levels?..and
are displaying the autonomy, authenticity and multi-levels that
comes from this.? There are sooo many articles and sites and stuff
that are relevant to what i'm trying to put forth here and i had a
hard time trying to decide what to offer..but i suppose just any
nibble is sufficient to establish if you click with this or not.
I'm just curious is all. Here is what i ended up deciding upon for
that nibble..inspiring, imo, alternate views to
suffereing..'illness', personality , empowerment,
potentiality/abilities.. ---------

aloneness, self-doubt, sadness, inner conflict; these are our
feelings that we have not learned to live with, that we have failed
to appreciate, that we reject as destructive and completely
negative, but in fact they are symptoms of an expanding
consciousness. Dr. Kazimierz Dabrowski has spent 45 years piecing
together the complete picture of the growth of the human psyche
from primitive integration at birth; the person with potential for
development will experience growth as a loosening of the stable
psychic structure accompanied by symptoms of psychoneuroses.
Reality becomes multileveled, the choices between higher and lower
realms of behavior occupy our thought and mark us as human.
Dabrowski called this process positive disintegration, he declares
that psychoneurosis is not an illness and he insists that
development does not come through psychotherapy but that
psychotherapy is automatic when the person is conscious of his

To Dabrowski, real
therapy is autopsychotherapy; it is the self being aware of the
self through a long inner investigation; a mapping of the inner
environment. There are no techniques to eliminate symptoms because
the symptoms constitute the very psychic richness from which grow
an increasing awareness of body, mind, humanity and cosmos.
Dabrowski gives birth to that process if he can.

Without intense
and painful introspection and reflection, development is unlikely.
Psychoneurotic symptoms should be embraced and transformed into
anxieties about human problems of an ever higher order. If
psychoneuroses continue to be classified as mental illness, then
perhaps it is a sickness better than health.

"Without passing
through very difficult experiences and even something like
psychoneurosis and neurosis we cannot understand human beings and
we cannot realize our multidimensional and multilevel development
toward higher and higher levels." Dabrowski.


Anyway Chinadoll,
i'm pretty scattered right now in my real life here, and have so
much to get done that is stressing me out frankly and triggering
me..but wanted to post to you anyway and will be back
around..before too long?..maybe sooner?.. depends how strong my
triggers are undulating really..we shall see. Please forgive me if
i get flakey about showing up around here..it happens..i'm in then
out then in then out..annoying yes, but there it is. Anyway..I'm
putting off something right now infact, i really ought to get out
and deal with it i suppose!

Hope you're well.
And pardon me if i'm totally off track here and this is not
something that you fancy..or if this is irrelevant to you

In any case,
sending you good vibes.


August 12, 2010
12:00 am
New Member
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September 30, 2010
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by K. Dabrowski. "Be greeted psychoneurotics! For you see
sensitivity in the insensitivity of the world, ?uncertainty among
the world's certainties. For you often feel others as you feel
yourselves. For you feel the anxiety of the world, and ?its
bottomless narrowness and self-assurance. For your phobia of
washing your hands from the dirt of the world, ?for your fear of
being locked in the world’s limitations. ?for your fear of the
absurdity of existence. For your subtlety in not telling others
what you see in them. For your awkwardness in dealing with
practical things, and ?for your practicalness in dealing with
unknown things, ?for your transcendental realism and lack of
everyday realism, ?for your exclusiveness and fear of losing close
friends, ?for your creativity and ecstasy, ?for your maladjustment
to that "which is" and adjustment to that which "ought to be", ?for
your great but unutilized abilities. For the belated appreciation
of the real value of your greatness ?which never allows the
appreciation of the greatness ?of those who will come after you.
For your being treated instead of treating others, ?for your
heavenly power being forever pushed down by brutal force; ?for that
which is prescient, unsaid, infinite in you. For the loneliness and
strangeness of your ways. Be greeted! From: Dabrowski, K. (1972)
Psychoneurosis is not an illness, London: GRYF

CHINA!! For the
record, i'm not saying you're neurotic eh?! 😉 Really, i'm so not
trying to insinuate that at all. I on the other hand..well ya, from
time to time, sure. Why not. Ha. Anyway, when i first came across
this material it was so helpful to me and so just in case it might
help another..? I bring it up to you because our interaction made
me think of it is all..But there is a LOT of material to sift
through..for the relevant gems, i think..anyway, like i said i was
just curious if this moved you in anyway at all, personally or
otherwise? But you may not have the time or inclination..it's all
fine what ever the case may be.

Be well, see ya

August 12, 2010
12:00 am
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September 24, 2010
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Thank you so much
for the greeting, and for the info. No, I've not heard of
Dabrowski, this sounds very interesting, I will definitely check it

Today, I am quite
scattered as well. I have to work this weekend, so I need to get a
lot of things done (packing my gear, finish a homework assignment,
schedule some stuff, get organized!) But, my Indigo ADHD-type
distraction has me in and out, too. Not just "in here" in 3d, but
"out there", too.

I think what has
me a little anxious is that they are setting me up with a different
roommate at the lodging for this weekend. I've only spoken to this
girl once. All I know is that she is a smoker, and I know she is
not allowed to smoke in the room, but I will be able to smell it
from a mile away. I don't smoke, so I'm really sensitive to it. And
I don't know what kind of energy she will have, or if she likes to
stay out late and will be disruptive. So, I will have to make an
extra effort to ground myself even more.

I know my crown
chakra has been opening up even more, I can feel tingling
sensations above my head, and what feels like itchiness on my

So, I will also be
in and out. After Friday night, I probably won't be back on here
till Sunday night, just so you know I will definitely be away from
here for that time. But I will keep checking in today &

I welcome all of
your information and insights. It will just take me some time to
process it. I had a brain injury from 2 falls in 2007, and I am
slow with reading from the computer. Funny, ever since I hit my
head (twice within 3 weeks), my awareness opened up even more ever
since then. I call it broken open.

But I didn't
confirm my spiritual abilities until a few months ago, although
ever since I was a child I knew I was different, just didn't know
there were names to this way of being.

I am constantly
seeking and searching...trying to learn and improve my

Be blessed & I
will see you again soon! Sending positive energy back to


August 12, 2010
12:00 am
Golden Horseshoe.ca
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September 24, 2010
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Awesome thread


( or just refuse
any prescription altogether,hehe)

Greeting chinadoll
formally. I think she's a HUGE asset and refreshing addition to
this site.

China. Broken
Open. That kinda describes how I feel! There's not much else i want
to say except to extend a late greeting to china myself!I think you
are a huge asset and refreshing presence on this site.

YEAY to indigo


August 13, 2010
12:00 am
Forum Posts: 193
Member Since:
September 24, 2010
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Thanks so much for
the warm greeting! I respect and appreciate what you provide to the
site as well. You speak exactly what is on your mind, and you are
true to yourself. I admire this about you.

And thanks for the
compliments! I realized that in every day life, people do not seem
to compliment each other very much anymore. Like things are
supposed to be "known". Like how is one supposed to know, if you do
not tell them? We all can't read minds! Well some of us can...I'm
telepathic with animals. Working on being telepathic with

I told my
boyfriend tonight on the phone, that I appreciate him very much
because he treats me so well, and I try to treat him well also, as
my way of showing my appreciation to him for being so kind to me.
And then he said that I do treat him very well. Saying those kinds
of things can be so simple.

My best-best
friend TL,I tell her all the time that I love her. Especially that
she has a heart condition, that we don't know how long she will
live (well, none of us really knows how long any of us have). So I
don't forget to tell her.

As for
prescription meds, I took myself off of all of them. Against
medical advice. The side effects were too much. I was on a scrip
for preventing seizures. I had 2 seizures after my 2 head injuries
(I've had 3 significant head injuries, and numerous
concussions....working & playing too hard, I guess).

So, after these 2
in 2007, I was on meds. I stopped taking them last year around
November. For one thing, I kept forgetting to take them, then did
not want to take it, afraid I DID take it & then over-dose
myself. So, one day, I just said, "I don't need this!" and stopped
cold turkey. One of the dangers of abruptly stopping anti-seizure
meds is that it will cause a seizure. Well, guess what? nothing
happened, even still.

In 2008-2009, my
doctor had me on 7 different meds, including the anti-seizure one.
For depression, high-blood pressure, low thyroid, anxiety, IBS, and
a sleeping pill.

I stopped all of
them. I told him I did not have all of these problems, and that the
side effects of all were conflicting with each other. I was
actually sicker on all of those meds, than from any of those
supposed problems.

I changed my food
and started exercising more. Spending time in nature. Listening to
my body, to decide when I am tired, when I am hungry, thirsty. If I
felt tired I slept. If I was hungry, I ate, and just enough till I
felt satisfied, drinking lots of water, and green tea, (and coffee
in the mornings). I didn't care if it was 10:00 a.m. and I felt
tired after only being up for a few hours, if I felt I needed to go
back to sleep, I did. No alarms. Just slept and woke and slept
again if I needed to.

I was
sleep-deprived for years, all the time I was with my psychopathic
(no joke) ex-husband. I was lucky if I ever got 4 hours of sleep a

I took some time
to really figure myself out. Now I only take a vitamin supplement,
a calcium pill (Asians are prone to osteoperosis-sp?- from being
lactose-intolerant...but did not know this cuz all growing up we
"had to drink our milk".) Even tho' I am half-Asian, I am
lactose-intolerant enough! I eat some dairy that I can tolerate,
but no longer drink milk. Why upset my stomach? And I take an iron
pill for anemia. That is my only real "medical condition" as far as
I am concerned, being anemic. I try my best to eat healthy foods
most of the time, and iron-rich foods as much as I can.

I joke with my
boyfriend, I tell him, "I'm all natural, baby!" He just laughs. He
is very healthy, too. He is a body builder & has been in some

Be well & be

August 13, 2010
12:00 am
New Member
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Member Since:
September 30, 2010
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Welcome to this
new day.

Chinadoll~ Totally
perfectly perfect that you take your time to check out that
info..you have all the timelessness in the universe to do so. That
enough time for ya? 😉 i'm not experiencing a burning desire to
'get into' it at this time anyway. It's a fairly big topic i
suppose, and i've not the time or focus either right now for too
much chatting. It actually took me a few months to check out this
material after it was send to me too. I have quite a backlog of
links and stuff that friends have passed on to me that i have yet
to investigate myself. I like it when people post/send links to of
stuff they felt moved to share as a result of something we talked
about. I usually take my time and check new things out when i'm not
very busy. I so get that you're busy now, as am i. Just add it to
your list if you might want to have a peek at when you have the
time and inspiration.

Broken open. I
like that too. I think i could use that in relation to what i feel
has happened to my psyche over the course of my life so far.
Convertible psyche. Open that crown and receive the 'downloads',
the messages and insights from the higher realms of consciousness.
I think trauma of varying sorts does do just that. Breaks us open.
I know i'm glad i was broken open anyway, though at the time of
breaking..well, it can be agonizing.

I would be pretty
anxious too if i were waiting to see who i would be roomed up with.
Totally! I can have somewhat of a gigantic personal space bubble
and it can be very draining for me to share my space..i really hope
it works out ok.

MsG~ YO!

Oh ya, i'll be
forgetting to take my meds alright!

I will say right
away, that i do believe in certain situations, that meds can be
life saving...!

However, meds are
being used to put a cap on our emotions, on our development..and
emotions have very important things to say! And we are here to
develop. But yes of course, each situation must be dealt with
accordingly, i'm not "anti-meds' per say. But i think like 90% of
people on them (psych meds) would do infinitely better if they
properly nourished their body and minds, and were willing to work
hard and try on new points of view. Drugs mess people up so bad, so

My experience with
meds was quite literally a nightmare. I lost it on meds. After
being on meds and becoming grossly suicidal and unstable and
strange., i suddenly had new diagnoses being offered to me. I knew
the diagnonsense was wrong and i knew the meds were making me
crazy. Once i got the help i needed and got off meds and on to some
serious nutritional therapy and went back to my primary family
doc., he contacted the pdoc and contested his conclusion. He's know
me for 15 years and said that i never in 15 years fit the profile
of how i was diagnosed in that med induced crisis..got diagnosed in
a quick interview at a hospital from someone who has no experience
with me other that my acute crisis at the time. My Doc. is
supportive of my chosen therapies and i feel so grateful now.
Ridiculous and traumatic time that was for me. It's a really long
crazy story but anyway, i might not be wise to crack it open right
now.. But boy did i learn a lot! And boy did i get cracked open.
I'm now med free and as stable as i can ever remember being.
Diagnosis stands at G.A.D., PTSD. and i will not medicate for this
personally. Cognitive behavioral therapy works amazing for anxiety
and i'm all over it. Just saying. It's actually far from the
exception to the rule that people lose their shit on meds all the
time and get re-diagnosed according to new symptoms/side
effects..messed up! I'll stop myself here now. oh ya.

MSG, what's the
news on the t-shirts?

Hope you're well.
So happy to see you here.

Talk later,

ok what the
hay..i'll share this link too in case anyone can handle it and it's
not too a 'woo woo'. ha ha. A friend just send this to me and i
find it has some interesting stuff to ponder. To each her own. Take
or leave. All good.


I've run out of
time again for this aac fun. Gotta hit the to do list,

See ya'll


August 13, 2010
12:00 am
Golden Horseshoe.ca
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September 24, 2010
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Greetings Gal_Ahs!

I think my brain
is partly hard boiled right now!Bin like that for a few weeks. ;0/
I repeated myself! ( great asset, refreshing addition, refreshing
presence.....er DER!).OR i just can't get my thoughts in a post.
I'm terrible on the keyboard really. ( the ole 2 or 3 finger

It's brutal hot
lately and working in that heat ALL day is exhausting. I'm so damn
busy, physically and mentally "stretched" at home, but it's ALL

And D goes and
invites his parents for dinner tomorrow. The house isn't clean.

HOnestly I don't
know why i am so tired. It may be a mold problem in our house
exacerbating things.I'm trying to re balance with supplements and
eating the right foods. WE have the A/C on low to lower the
humidity. It's always humid where we are ( like a rain

I can't even
respond much to what ya's wrote cause i have to head out the
door soon. Can't respond much to anything people post here. I
landed in THIS thread now so this is IT!

I must apologize.
It IS kindof self centred, but I don't mean to come across as
ignoring everyone. I'm failing with the back n forth dialog. AAC is
way on the back burner on low simmer?;0)

My energy is also
aimed at upping my social life. Don't we all have to pay attention
to, and build our social networks in the flesh? I'm trying to
balance work and leisure. However some of my online relationships
are SO inspiring! Torn just TORN!LOL

I had lunch with a
biz associate/friend today, an electrician who i barter
with,working out some details for future projects and i nearly
nodded off after lunch. Had a Narcoleptic fit?!LOL

He just laffed and
said "yea, i know, i bore ya that much." HAaaa.......

I have to run out
again, to get a pedicure ( the second one i ever had) I figure my
hands and feet need some TLC and a nice lower leg 'n foot rub will
rejuvenate me. Gonna get my nails painted...then out for a combined
social and Biz related event tonight. Going to meet my partners on
the Art Walk. Then it's off to Toronto tomorrow for

This is the
T-shirt project alien.

Something awesome
happened today that relates to that. My electrician buddy is a
hoarder, Multitalented wonderful guy. He has a Hot Transfer device
specifically for this! AND about 100 pro transfers. Can U believe
it? It's mine for some garden services. He's making this trade go
in my favour cause he wants to clear out all his "stuff", use my
trailer for a HUGE dumpr run. Doesn't even want to bother selling.
His wife did pottery and has a Kiln also. I want to get into some
clay projects in the future. BAM. Some hardwhare i need just

So many
synchronistic things are coming my way. I do put out a lot for it
tho. So far nothin on my "back! ahahaha! I thought i'd have to look
around but over lunch ( which was a spontaneous thing.. I finished
a project for him and it was payday) i got two HUGE elements for
these Biz projects solved! HA!

( I think the
coffee i just drank has kicked in, Can ya tell?!LOL)

I AM reading a lot
of posts. It does feel right to "listen" and take it in right

I feel inspired on
so many levels.

China and Alien I
am so happy you went off the meds. I had my own nightmares of side
effects with meds.( yep no time to explain now) Going off and
mainly choosing a Holistic route made me better! I've been
relatively healthy since choosing Holistics. EXERCISE is SO
IMPORTANT! Keep all our bodily systems stimulated ya know! Good sex
helps too! hehe Did u know that cannabis is the most effective
holistic treatment for neurological problems? Stops seizures in MS
& Epilepsy.

China and alien. I
read u are interested in or had some Neuropsychology treatments.
Neuroplasticity is the science. Cognative Therapy . YAH MUN! I
believe in it wholeheartedly. That various therapies, without meds
can cure nerve or brain injuries and mental "disorders".

So there ya go . I
skiimed a response.

Oh man we're
always runnin in 'n out. Hilarious.

We sound so
frikken MANIC!aaaaahahaha

I'll have to check
in later if i have time.If not it'll be Sunday eve or

Perseid Meteor
showers Everyone!Catch a falling star!

Time for my

Be Well! and have
a great Weekend! ;0)

August 13, 2010
12:00 am
New Member
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September 30, 2010
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Guided~No expectations or posting requirements here. It's all fine.
Add/take what you can if and when you can or whatever..i totally
get it. I'm so strange about posting in so many ways myself. I
think maybe we are the types to get easily distracted and have lots
going on..I'm bad at typing too and also i find it very frustrating
knowing that i really can't effectively say what i want to with all
the limitations of communicating on a message board with no
expressions and intonations to employ etc... You kinda need to be
able to see the person you're talking to to have much real success
i think..ya, i'm often torn about staying involved here at aac or
bailing...but all in all i think i do learn and grow a lot here.
And i would rather do some test flights here rather than in my
'real world' anyway. But i do care about the friends i have made
here, genuinely. Dunno, it's confusing though. It can be kinda
volatile and insane around here sometimes, and i wish it didn't but
it does bring me down. Not too bad but it's pretty disruptive to my

Bartering is a big
part of my life too.

Very fun and
exciting about the shirt thing i think! How cool.

And just like
that..brain is totally losing focus now..ha.

hope you have fun
at your pedi. I'm a virgin to that experience myself.

Oh ya, Chinadoll,
i also love to compliment those i care for on a regular basis. I
love it. It feels great for everyone. I mean, if your thinking nice
things about a person..why not tell them? It freaks some people out
but way more often than not it raises peoples vibes. Of course, one
must be sincere about it.

Anyhoo, i suppose
i need to eat. I can't think anymore. Gonna ride my bike to the
market and get my fridge filled up on fresh produce for the
weekend. The market is too crowded for me to handle on the
weekends, so i need to jump the gun.

Today I have
successfully solved my most pressing and stressful issue of the
week, so i'm psyched at the prospect of being able to unwind and
hopefully have a much needed relaxing weekend.

Hope you all take
care and whenever and where ever we meet again will be


August 13, 2010
12:00 am
It No Longer Matters
Forum Posts: 72
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September 27, 2010
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China, I read that you won't be around this weekend, but I
would like to add my hearfelt welcome as well. You have been a
blessing in my "life" here at AAC.


August 18, 2010
12:00 am
Forum Posts: 193
Member Since:
September 24, 2010
sp_UserOfflineSmall Offline

Greetings alien! (and everyone else!)

Wow, I had a rough
weekend...the good thing is that the girl that was supposed to be
my roommate ended up not being my roommate...I roomed with another
girl that I normally always room with, since she ended up with a
room to herself.

She and I still
went out to dinner with the girl that was supposed to be my
roommate and one of the other guys. We actually had a pretty good

My intended 30
days of positive attitude, gratitude and good karma got ruined on
Saturday. Now I have to start over. Saturday was a bad day. I ended
up venting on the phone to my boyfriend about how bad Saturday was
for me. He just listened, and was very supportive of me. I tried to
bring positive energy back, but could not sleep all

I have been
drained for the past couple of days, trying to bring the positive
energy back. I'll get there. It helped that my boyfriend was
telling me jokes and getting me to laugh again.

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