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What are the causes of ED (Erectile Dysfunction)?
August 25, 2020
3:35 am
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August 25, 2020
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What are the causes of ED (Erectile Dysfunction)? I will also explain the relationship between the three types and ages.

Causes and types of ED (erectile dysfunction)

ED (erectile dysfunction) has previously been considered as a symptom of aging. Because of his age, he often gave up treatment for ED because of aging. However, since the advent of Viagra, it has been found that ED can be treated for any age, regardless of cause. If we can find the cause of ED, we can improve ED. And you will be able to spend the nightlife like before again.

Mechanism of ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

What happens in your body when you develop ED (Erectile Dysfunction)? We will investigate the cause of ED from the difference between the mechanism of healthy erection and what happens in the situation when ED is developed.

Erection mechanism

In a healthy state, when the brain gives a signal to erection to cause an erection and reaches the penis, NO (nitric oxide) is released inside the corpus cavernous. The released NO increases the number of substances that act on blood vessels and muscles, called thyme GMP, which promotes blood vessels' expansion, increasing blood flow and erection.

When an erection occurs, the veins inside the corpus cavernous are pressed to maintain the erection, and the blood flow from the corpus cavernous is suppressed. When sexual excitement subsides or ejaculates after a certain amount of time, the enzyme PDE5, in turn, decomposes and inactivates cyclic GMP to release the erection, causing the blood vessels to contract again. Blood flow returns to normal, and the erection ends.

When ED (erectile dysfunction) develops

When the Super p Force, the stimulus may not be transmitted sufficiently even if sexual arousal is obtained. If sexual stimulation cannot be adequately carried, NO (nitric oxide) can be appropriately released, and a signal to dilate blood vessels cannot be obtained. Also, even if you get sexual arousal, if some of the functions required to expand the blood vessels have become abnormal, the blood vessels will not grow sufficiently. Suppose the blood vessels cannot expand adequately. In that case, blood flow does not increase, PDE5 immediately becomes dominant inside the corpus cavernous, decomposes Cyclic GMP, and contracts blood vessels before sexual excitement subsides and gets excited. However, the erection will stop.

Causes and types of ED (erectile dysfunction)

The ED is an erection with insufficient vascularization due to some reasons, insufficient blood flow to the cavernous body inside the penis, and insufficient venous compression, resulting in an erection that is not sufficiently rigid or stiff. Erectile dysfunction). Tadarise 20 is caused by insufficient erection due to insufficient blood reaching the corpus cavernous inside the penis.

There is more than just one reason why blood vessels cannot expand sufficiently.

Psychological reasons such as stress and anxiety: psychogenic ED

Psychogenic ED is a standard ED for young people around 20-40 years old. Some psychological depression will be exerted, and you will not be able to get enough sexual stimulation.

Psychological stress, such as anxiety and tension that you have in your daily life. This stress can sometimes cause ED. Also, ED can be triggered when sexual activity does not go well, or she says something unexpected.

Besides life, EDSD may be triggered by deep psychology of the past, such as PTSD and sexual trauma. In the case of a past psychological shock, it is often the case that the person is not aware of it, and this may hinder the investigation of the cause, which may make treatment difficult.

Unexpected triggers can quickly improve psychogenic ED. Especially; ED can be improved by creating a successful experience and mental allowance. It is also part of the treatment that the success of the successful use of erection drugs is said to be the trigger.

Due to diseases and disorders such as arteriosclerosis due to aging, lifestyle-related diseases, and trauma: organic ED

People over the age of 40 are more likely to experience lifestyle-related diseases and aging-related diseases and disorders. The effects of aging appear as arteriosclerosis, one of the vascular disorders. Arteriosclerosis, which can be said to be the aging phenomenon of blood vessels, has already started from birth. Blood vessels that are recognized as arteriosclerosis also appear after the age of 30. When you are in your 50s, the blood vessels themselves become narrower, and there are some areas where the blood flow is not fully distributed. If a blood vessel causes, arteriosclerosis, and blood flow are connected to the penis, the possibility of Super vidalista increases.

Atherosclerosis also progresses with smoking. Arteriosclerosis, which is also an aging phenomenon, progresses slowly if the lifestyle is not disturbed. There is little risk of arteriosclerosis having problems such as thrombus and aneurysm because it becomes old. However, smoking promotes arteriosclerosis and increases the risk of severe symptoms. The blood vessels connected to the penis that cause ED are also at increased risk of being affected.

There are many EDs caused by lifestyle-related diseases, and it is said that more than 60% of people with diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia also have ED. It is also reported that 80% of diabetic patients have ED, and indeed 4 out of 5 have ED.

Dyslipidemia causes arteriosclerosis, which accelerates arteriosclerosis. Hypertension is also a cause of arteriosclerosis, which also increases the likelihood of ED. And depending on the drug that suppresses high blood pressure, the action may cause ED. Diabetes can block blood vessels—causes impaired nerve transmission. As a result, nerve transmission and blood flow are blocked, which causes ED.

ED can also occur with brain damage, trauma, or aftereffects of surgery. If the nerves are blocked due to cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral infarction or are affected by nerve transmission, they may not be able to receive sufficient stimulation, failing an erection. If the nerve or blood vessel is damaged due to trauma or surgery, this may also trigger ED.

Urinary system diseases and treatments such as benign prostatic hyperplasia can also cause ED. The poor urinary function can have psychological effects. Treatment of urinary disorders can damage nerves and blood vessels if surgical procedure is used, and ED may be caused by medical treatment even in medical treatment.

Depending on the drug you are taking: Drug-induced ED.

The medicines that you usually take may trigger ED depending on their effects. Drugs that act on the central nervous system, such as antidepressants and psychotropic drugs, and medicines that work on the circulatory system, such as antihypertensive and diuretics, affect disrupting nerve transmission and blood flow. Therefore, that action causes ED.

Also, male hormone inhibitors and anti-androgens used to treat prostate cancer suppress the male hormone testosterone, leading to ED and decreased libido. With these drugs, sexual desire before ED is attenuated due to decreased male hormones; so many people do not take ED as a disease in the first place.

The cause of ED may be three types.

There are three types of causes of ED: psychogenic, organic, and drug-based, but one example is not always the cause. Especially in the case of drug-induced ED, it may be combined with psychogenic or organic type depending on the disease being treated. If you have co-occurrence, you must carefully check the symptoms and treatment details and then carefully decide how to treat ED.

Erectile drugs can be treated for all types of causes, but they may be contraindicated for some cerebral disorders like angina and brain disorders. Depending on the medicine you are taking, it may not be combined. In such a case, be sure to consult a doctor and consider a treatment method for ED.


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