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August 3, 2001
4:37 pm
New Member
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September 27, 2010
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One thing I've noticed in our society over the past couple of decades, is that we still have certain primal needs. The need to hunt, for example, is still alive and well. No, we don't have to go out and kill for food or club a mate over the head and drag them back to our cave. But, animals do still get slaughtered for our consumption and our significant others still get clubbed to death - mentally and emotionally. We just don't want to see the blood, because then we might have a tinge of accountability. We're much more civilized now..... Or, have we just evolved to another plane of doing it.......and not getting caught?

I guess as long as we hide the blood from ourselves, then it's okay all the way around. God forbid we should run headlong into a mirror! Kill the person who put it there!!! Yes, the need to hunt is with us. It is the way in which we hunt and the reason we hunt - that I find interesting. It's very covert, ambiguous and manipulative. The traps and snares are well camouflaged. Here on the web the anonymous factor is ever present and people do take full advantage of that veil. The "hunt" becomes something some people do out of boredom and just for the sheer satisfaction of the rush they feel toying with people's lives. It's all over the web and we are very naive if we don't acknowledge this and protect ourselves accordingly.

We say that we admire, honor and strive for honesty and yet what I find we "really" do - is lift up, praise and mimick dishonesty and those who play mind games and don't get caught or pay any price for what they do. All one has to do is to look at our highest office in this country and this truth glares us in the face. Clinton was so smug with his lies because he knows this about us. He knows a lot of people secretly love... a good liar. He got quite the round of applause from some people..... "Go Bill! Show us how it's really done!" I took one look at him on T.V. and said - Oh my God, people have no idea what they are playing with here.... I'm very accustomed to that polished good ole boy, used car salesman, fake evangelist mentality. I grew up in the South. And if you throw in some fine tuning with the education factor and a few pats on the back from all the right people - hey......"come into my web said the spider to the fly"..... But, we did elect him, so the responsibility is ultimately - ours and basically speaks loud and clear of what we hold up as something we aspire to become more like ourselves. Nasty thought, but the truth seldom feels good.

Our need to hunt is a feeding frenzy that has nothing whatsoever to do with hunting because one needs to eat or provide skins for keeping one warm. Now, man hunts in this respect for the sheer pleasure of the kill or for the pleasure of maiming, or for the satisfaction of knowing they successfully conned someone. If you watch predators in the wild, they want to expend as little energy as possible on their prey. They are very energy conscious. Got us beat in that regard. But....we are learning.... Manipulation and con games get the maximum return with the minimum effort, especially when one practices it all the time. It becomes second nature.

I used to think it was only men that did this, but I have to say that is not true. Women have become quite the deranged lionesses as well. We have a very sick thread running throughout our midst where people with diseased egos get their fix by playing with other people's lives and yet proclaiming loudly all the while - that they would never, ever do such a thing! In fact, if you are the unlucky one who sees it and dares to speak it, then you immediately end up being the scapegoat of the hour and are attacked with much venom.....

The best criminals aren't locked up anywhere. That's a fact. They are among us, closely intertwined, holding high office, members of our own family and oftentimes our mates. They deny, avoid, scapegoat and blame so well and with such craftiness that whoever sees the discrepancies or smells something amiss - they then become the target of much anger and "how DARE you accuse ME" kind of reaction. It's an insult, you know, when a con artist's slip is showing. They really despise that. They take great pride in having a good cover. So, duck when you point it out to them. Pisses them off royally. I'm especially fond of the reaction that goes something like this...."Oh, how very sick and disturbed you are and how we all just need to pat you on the head and send you off to your little corner with your blankie because afterall - you are quite the messed up person, now aren't you? There, there.....got quite the active imagination and paranoia going on, huh? Did you take your meds today, seen your shrink lately, is there anything I can do for you, a Prozac, sedative, ice cream?"

I suppose some of the witches in Salem were burned at the stake for having that thing called discernment.....which has nothing to do with witchcraft but does have everything to do with being able to identify deception when it is flying. And it has a lot to do with outright jealousy, as well. People who have no true self esteem - can be rather bloodthirsty like that. No, we don't like having certain people around us sometimes. They see too much and that makes certain people.....very, very uncomfortable. Even if they don't speak it outloud, there is a language that isn't about talking and things are conveyed one to another in an instant through looks, posturing, body language, smell, etc. We still operate with a lot of primal instincts in this regard as well.

I think we also just like to "play dress-up". It's an old childhood game we've elevated to another level and put a dark twist to - but it's all about parading as someone else and delighting in the ability to deceive. I well imagine one reason for such would have something to do with someone not feeling comfortable in their own skin. And if they are miserable they seek to infect others with the same poison. They are rather lonely people of their own making. And if we engage with them - guess what? Mission accomplished. And if you say this doesn't make sense that anyone would want to do this - my answer to that is - and who said it had to make sense to you? Sick people don't ever - make sense. Their reality is very twisted and they have very little if any conscience about who gets caught up in their web. They spin it - so you will get caught in it. So, why would they care if you get hurt? If you are going to put them through some moral kind of filter - forget it. Narcissists never care about anyone but themselves, so you're wasting precious energy trying to understand them or make them play by your rules or be judged against your morals. They could care less.

So, is this going on here? I have no idea. Is it a fertile breeding ground for such, that's a - for sure? So reader beware. And who knows, maybe it's all just one big experiment! Stranger things have happened. Bottomline is, the best and safest counseling you can get is going to be - face to face where the issue of trust can be established over time, where you can check out someone's references/credentials, ask around about them and pick up vibes from being in their presence. You have none of that available to you here The potential for being toyed with is very high and if someone seeking help is already not doing well, I'm not sure adding this component into the equation would be a wise thing to do.

Another thing to consider is - if we so easily let our guard down with little reason to trust in this medium, isn't that going to filter through into decisions made in every day life about other things as well? If we trust so easy here and fly right by our radar detectors when they flash, the more we practice doing something, the more it becomes part of us and is something we start doing automatically. All I can say to whoever reads this is - regardless of how pretty we paint our jungle....it's still a jungle. Predators may dress up differently, but they are still "hunting" and their prey could be.....you....

Something to ponder.....

August 5, 2001
11:53 pm
New Member
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September 30, 2010
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Definitely something to ponder... I guess what it all comes down to is knowing ourselves, and relying on our own morals and consciences to guide us, and use external support where we can, firmly setting boundaries before we start. Just like you have to learn to do when you deal with counselors or friends face to face.

Ladeska, the points you raise are on the mark, some of them outright gave me chills.

But there's also the question "is the devil you know worse than the devil you don't?" So many people who come here are being deviled by fierce demons indeed, and even one honestly offered piece of advice here might help to offset that.

Ponder, ponder, ponder....

August 6, 2001
11:07 am
New Member
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September 27, 2010
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Gingerleigh....It's really all about having balance and using your discernment, listening to your radar and having boundaries. I see so many times with people that when they like someone - they give all their trust based on a very short time of knowing them. So, when something contrary happens - they are devastated. Instead of giving out trust an inch at a time, so that if you see another flag flying - you don't have much trust to take back. You can backstep and still be okay.

It's just good to have a framework for how you operate in the trust department and to not deviate from it regardless of how good something or someone looks. Time is always your best friend.

Here, sure - people are going to find good advise intertwined with everything else. But, the basic law of the jungle is - never drop your guard. Always filter everything and pay close attention to that feeling you get when something just doesn't feel right. I'm not talking paranoia here, but more a thing of - being aware....

Those who prey on people look for the innocent, the wounded, the impulsive because they are easier to hunt. They have their guard down, the trust completely way too soon and they want approval.

Anytime you have a situation like this on the web where so many factors aren't present that you need to be present in order to make a sound judgement about whether or not to trust someone - I always say - beware. I've seen so many people get absolutely obliterated on other websites where people were only toying with them just because they could. One of those women has been with me now in counseling for about 4 years. She was to the point of suicide because a pack of dogs were running her to death on this one website. The worse she got - the more they went after her. Quite bloodthirsty. All I kept saying to her was - get off, get off, get off this website and stay away! It took her awhile to refrain, but she finally did. She had such a compulsion to go back for more or to try and plead her case. They loved that. Was like putting raw meat before wolves. Needless to say - I went off on a few people. They said some of the most malicious and twisted things to this person and she took it all to heart. The more she bled - the more they kicked her. Basically - just played with her like a cat does a wounded bird.

I guess all I'm saying is - people are turning more and more to the web for a form of mindgames. They stay up late at night or during the day and do their "hunting" for prey. So, if people are very vulnerable, weak and looking to put alot of stock in what might be found on the web - all I can say is - you will look like a rabbit to a certain pair of eyes.... So, use your filter, listen to your radar and seek out help, support and guidance in the real and present world that you can see.

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