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Let us build a world of moral and character.
March 26, 2001
4:47 pm
New Member
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September 29, 2010
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I am ashamed. I am shocked. I am pained to see humans acting as animals around me. It makes me pain to be a part of them. I see grown ups with lack of maturity and no sense for public decency. The public transport and public places have lost their purpose and pose a totally different picture. White or Black, brown or tan it doesn't make it right. East or West, North or South doesn't make it great. You wonder what the heck I am talking about? You will find it when you go to the so-called DEVELOPED world of the West, particularly the Europe and the USA. Are they really developed? Yeah they are developed in technology and materials...cell phones roaming around everywhere like toys. Not just a minute goes by for that cute girl without may be talking to her lover on the cell phone. Not a minute passes by without these people going to bars and drinking and smoking and dancing during the weekend nights. Not a minute passes by for these people without storming the malls to put more debt on their credit cards. Not a minute passes by without that guy and girl making all the indecent acts in the public. Not a month passes by without that teenager going on a shooting spree in his high school. No no, I say they are only developed in these materialistic ways of life. They have gone worse and worse and very under developed, as nations with a sense of character and decency. They have more cell phones, they have more cars, they have all materials and comforts they need, but ALAS, they lost their sense of character, values for morals and more.

Don't these people have a home at all? Don't they realize the difference between love and lust? I am just trying to convey the message of the human society and human culture as a whole. God has given us the sixth sense that puts us at a higher level than the animals. To see the good from the bad, to distinguish the right from the wrong, to make things better than worse for the next generations to come and live on this wonderful Earth. May be some humans around us have lost that sixth sense and behave like dogs on the street. I am even ashamed to compare these people to animals, because even many animals look for privacy to make love and have sex. It is not enough if we say that we want to build a world of sense and character. We humans have to practice it.

This has become more of a disease than anything else. OK let us come to the meat of the discussion. Here is the scene. One fine evening in a Western country, very cold day of winter, I am travelling by the public transport train. The train compartment looks quite. A decent number of people travelling, it includes old people, kids, family people and more. Now the train comes to the next station. Two human beings (a guy and a girl) get into the train, along with many other people. After all it is we humans who travel by these trains right (except for some pet dogs sometimes)? They sit in the next seat opposite to me. The train makes a move as some take their seats and some prefer to stand by the door side. Now here starts the scene. Looks like the guy and girl couldn't control anymore. No sooner they took the seat starts their public romance! The girl becomes horny and the guy too. They start to do all sorts of sexual acts in the public. Kissing each other continuously, the girl sitting on the lap of the guy and what more. Kids don't know hot to view this or how to react. The family people just can't do much but to tolerate these acts. The bachelors or so-called singles (Western) are lost, thinking how good are these sex acts. Some people just bow their heads down looking into the floor. OH God, I see two forms of flesh sitting opposite to me, they don't have a home but just the public transport, streets and other public places to make all these sexual acts. They don't know love but just lust and sex. They have cell phones but no character. They look good but pose a diseased picture to the public. They have lost all sense of public decency. They have lost all sense of character. They have no morals. They make the people around them so uncomfortable and the kids to paint a wrong picture of the true relationship between a man and a woman. They make it sound as if sex is all that happens between a male and a female. They can't control their senses and lust; rather their senses and lust control them. Their acts make them more of sex toys than sensible humans. Their bodies look like a trash of lustful flesh, than a sign of truly loving souls.

Now the train reaches the destination station. I get down the train and walk across the platform with mixed feelings. But to the shock I realize this is not over yet. I see one more pair of humans indulging in those indecent acts. I turn around and I see one more and many more of them. Everywhere and anywhere I go these homeless romantic people don't fail to make a public show of their indecent acts. Sex, sex and more sex all around the place in public and may be throughout the day and night. May be a good divorce at the very end of all these acts is a appropriate gift these people look for. These people have no family values, they don't know the difference between love and sex, their parents didn't teach them morals or character...but rather showed them mere physical pleasure. The girls have lost their basic qualities and behave like shameless piece of human flesh. No wonder the rate of teenage pregnancies and the rate of divorce is sky rocketing in the Western world. No wonder there are more so called (fashionable) single moms or dads. It is all boy friend and girl friend than husband and wife. The relationship always goes like my girl friend, my step mother, my ex husband, my ex boy friend, my ex girlfriend's husband and so on.

Is it all the fire of infatuation and loads of lust that makes these people behave the way do in the public? Don't they have any other choice, but to have sex on the streets and public transport? Don't these people have any sense of maturity at all? So what happens, after all these excitement and climax of having sex, these people finally end up in court houses fighting for their share of wealth because of the divorce they had?

This is a disease of the society and not the individual. The cure for this disease lies in the promotion of core family values, morals and character at the family level at each and every home. It is the question of having character, not cell phones. It is the question of having morals, not money. It is the question having decency, not dollars. It is a question of having family values, not fun. It is a question of having maturity, not materials. It is a question of having love, not lust. It is a question of the soul not the flesh. It is a question of being humans, not animals. It is these values that makes us humans. The more we pursue the former the closer it takes us to being decent matured humans or even God. Without these values the society will be diseased further and further with no cure to be found. So the work starts at home, work starts with the family, work starts with parents being responsible towards their kids and responsible towards themselves. It starts with teaching more of morals than math and more of character than calculus. It begins with the elders showing the way for the youngsters and children, by being a role model in all walks of life.

By teaching our youngsters and children the public sense of decency, by teaching them morals, by teaching them character, by teaching them the proper way to dress, by teaching them about non-smoking and non-drinking, by teaching them about the ill effects of drugs and weapons, by teaching them everything good the elders can ensure that our next generation will take on their proper and respectful roles in the society and carry on the beacon, passing it on to the future generations for eons to come. Teaching these values everyday makes our children and youngsters strong, showing them these values in our everyday life makes them to follow it sincerely in their actions. It is never too late to live with human values. It is never too late to build a world of morals and character. It is never a shame to live as human beings of great morals and good character. That is what every religion teaches us and that is what makes us and the earth a better place to live in.

March 27, 2001
5:47 pm
New Member
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September 30, 2010
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Isn't amazing that this isn't the hottest thread? I found a book in a thrift store about 6 years ago. It was published in 1927, the name Enemies of our Youth. It was a warning about the motion picture industry. Perhaps this is the ultimate destroyer of morality. Remember when you would drive through towns and they all had their own identity, now just like people we are all appearing to be the same. Thanks to the media, there are no more family dinners, no more going to church, adultry is the norm, as is anorexia, yada,yada,yada. We should maybe unplug, and go back to Johnny's piano playing for the family, good luck on your efforts, but I don't see much hope,I think it is going to run its course. Those that see the light hmmmmmmmmm will we be saved?

March 27, 2001
5:59 pm
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September 30, 2010
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is it the shock game, wanting to shock others.
i don't know. i'm human. i don't know why some do this and that.
to break rules
to get a rush from being bad
too much telly
too much flith
we all have a choice, and they choose to degrade themselves!
but there choice is affecting others, now thats inconsiderate?
what time of day was this??? i find it hard to beleive!
people hey!

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