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November 7, 2001
1:02 pm
New Member
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September 30, 2010
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Discovered my word list yesterday, thought I would share. Mind you, not trying to put words in your mouth, however, if you can't put a label on it, you can't fix it. I hope this helps with your efforts. XX00 Molly

Feeling words:
Festive, contented, relaxed, calm, complacent, satisfied, serene, comfortable, peaceful, joyous, ecstatic, enthusiastic, inspired, glad, pleased, grateful, cheerful, excited, cheery, lighthearted, buoyant, carefree, surprised, optimistic, spirited, vivacious, brisk, sparkling, merry, generous, hilarious, exhilarated, jolly, playful, elated, jubilant, thrilled, restful.
sorrowful, unhappy, depressed, melancholy, gloomy somber, dismal, heavy-hearted, quiet, mournful, dreadful, dreary, flat, blah, dull, in the dumps, sullen, moody, sulky, out of sorts, low, discontented, discouraged, disappointed, concerned, sympathetic, compassionate, choked up, embarrassed, shameful, ashamed, useless, worthless, ill at ease.
Injured, isolated, offended, distressed, pained, suffering, afflicted, aching, crushed, heartbroken, despair, tortured, lonely, pathetic, upset
Resentful, irritated, enraged, furious, annoyed, inflamed, provoked, infuriated, offended, sullen, indignant, irate, wrathful, cross, sulky, bitter, frustrated, grumpy, boiling, fuming, stubborn, belligerent, confused, awkward, bewildered
Unbelieving, skeptical, distrustful, suspicious, dubious, uncertain, questioning, evasive, wavering, hesitant, perplexed, indecisive, hopeless, powerless, helpless, defeated, pessimistic.
Tearful, frightened, timid, wishy-washy, shaky, apprehensive, fidgety, terrified, panic, tragic, hysterical, alarmed, cautious, shocked, horrified, insecure, impatient, nervous, dependent, anxious, pressured, worried, doubtful, suspicious, hesitant, awed, dismayed, scared, cowardly, threatened, appalled, petrified, gutless, tormented.
Concerned, fascinated, engrossed, intrigued, absorbed, inquisitive, creative
Taut, uptight, immobilized, tense, stretched, hollow, empty, strong, weak, sweaty, breathless, nauseated, sluggish, weary, repulsed, tired, alive, feisty.
Humble, torn, mixed-up, envious, jealous, preoccupied, cruel, distant, bored, hypocritical, phony, two-faced, cooperative

Sometimes uncomfortable feeling words.

Abandoned, agony, angry, annoyed, apathetic, accused, adamant, afflicted, affronted, afraid, aggravated, aggressive, agitated, alarmed, alienated, aloe, antagonistic, anxious, apathetic, apologetic, appalled, argumentative, ashamed, assailed, attacked, awkward, at-a-loss, apart.

Burned-up, bad, betrayed, bitter, burdened, badgered, baffled, battered, beat, beaten, befuddled, belittled, blamed, bored, brassy, bothered, browbeaten, by-passed.

Callous, crazy, contrary, cornered, corrupted, cranky, cheated, combative, censored, condemned, confused, conspicuous, cruel, caged, crushed, controlled, careless, caught, chained, challenged, cheap, cheated, chicken, childish, chilly, close minded, clumsy, cold, competitive, conned, cunning, crushed, crestfallen, crippled, critical, criticized, cross.

Deceitful, defeated, despair, destructive, discontented, distraught, disturbed, dominated, divided, dumb, dubious, dowdy, dead, debilitated, defenseless, defiant, dejected, dependent, deprived, depressed, desperate, despised, disappointed, discouraged, discriminated, disgusted, disloyal, disgruntled, dismayed, down – in –
the- dumps, dreadful, disdain, distant, distracted, distrust, doubtful, dreary,

Empty, envious, evil, exasperated, exhausted, embarrassed, emotional, enraged

Fawning, fearful, frantic, frustrated, frightened, fury, false, flabbergasted, floundering, flustered, foolish, forgotten friendless, furious, fear, fright, fed-up, futility, funky, forgetful.

Greedy, grief, guilty, gullible, gloomy, gypped.

Hate, helpless, horrible, hurt, hysterical, homesick handicapped, harmful harassed, harried, hateful hemmed-in, hesitant, hopeless, horrified, hostile, hot, hot-headed, humiliated, hungry, hypocritical.

Ignored, imposed upon, infuriated, intimidated, isolated, ignorant, immature, impatient, inadequate, incompetent, inconsiderate, indignant, ineffective, inferior, insecure, inhibited, insensitive, insignificant, insincere, interrupted, intolerant, irrational, irresponsible, irritated, insulted.
Jealous, jittery, jumpy, jaded, jagged, jangled, jarred, jeopardized, jerky, jilted, jolted, jostled, joyless, judged, juggled, jumpy.
Kayoed, keyed up, kicked around, kneaded, knifed, knocked out, kooky, knotted up. Laconic, lazy lecherous, left out, licentious, lunging, lonely low, lustful, lacking, let down, lost longing lukewarm.
Mad, maudlin, mean, melancholy, miserable, maligned, manipulated, mistaken misunderstood, mixed up, managed, maneuvered, mortified, meddlesome, morose, meaningless.
Naughty, nervous, niggardly, nutty, narrow minded, nasty, neglected, negative numb.
Obnoxious, obsessed, odd, opposed, outraged, overwhelmed, obligated, overburdened, overlooked, overworked, out-of-it, overloaded, out-of-place.
Pain, panicked, panicky, parsimonious, persecuted, petrified, pity, precarious, pressured, prim, prissy, pained, passive, perturbed, pitiful, poor, powerless, prejudiced, provoked, punished, put-down, puzzled, perplexed, pooped, pessimistic, passive, pestered, placated, picked-on, paralyzed, put-up-with, put-upon
Quarrelsome, queer, queasy,
Rage, rejected, remorse, restless, radical, rebellious, regretful, repulsed, resentful, resistant, resistive, restrained, ridiculed, ridiculous, rushed, resentments, resigned, rotten repelled, repulsed, repugnance
Self-conscious, sad, scared, screwed-up, servile, shocked, skeptical, seething, sneaky solemn, sorrowful spiteful stingy, strange, stupid, stunned, stupefied, suffering, scheming, scorned, shaky, shamed, shattered, shook, shunned, shut-off, shut-out, suspicious, sunk sick, slighted, subversive, smothered, stuck sorrowful, sorry, spiteful, square, stiff, strange, stumped, stymied, submissive, suffering.
Tortured, tormented, traumatized, tempted, tenacious, tricked, tenuous, terrible, terrified, threatened, turned-off, tired, thwarted, trapped, troubled, tearful, tense, terror, thoughtless, timid, torn, teed-off.
Ugly, uneasy, unsettled, unhappy, unacceptable, unaccustomed, unappreciated, uncaring, uncertain, uncooperative, unfair, unfeeling unwilling, uncomfortable, unfriendly, unfulfilled, unhappy, uninformed, uninterested, unkind, unloved, unnatural, unpopular, unprepared, unsatisfied, unsafe, unsure, unwanted, unworthy, upset, uptight, used, useless, un-together.
Violent, vehement, vulnerable
Wicked, weepy, worried, worthless, worn out, wrung out, weary, wild, weak, wrong.
Zonked out, zig-zaggy.

November 7, 2001
4:25 pm
New Member
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September 27, 2010
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God, this is useful especially when my brain is on "spit-up"!!! (smile) Thanks Molls! You never are at a loss for words chickie!! Just mix all those up and that's me - one big hairball trying to cough itself up!

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