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Help Me Please X 5 the new beginnig
November 6, 2001
5:26 pm
New Member
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September 27, 2010
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You know, Randy, whacko sounds an awful lot like my ex-best friend... I have just sat here with her ex-boyfriend and we've both gone "Huh?" who is this woman anyways? It's like they have no conscience whatsoever and you wonder how you never saw it..

But, both he and I now look back and see all the signals, we just neither one wanted to believe what it meant. She was so good at pulling you back into her web. Is nauseating now to even think about.

But, it's your narcissist / pathological liar in operation and that's about it. The world revolves around them, don't you know? And if you expect them to adhere to the same code as you - forget it! Won't be happening. They only pretended to be in that camp for a season - now meet - who they really are and really were - all along.

They are very, very toxic people to be around. You keep looking and looking trying to find a good reason for such behavior or an excuse even and all you come up with is - they like being this way and rather despise you because you disapprove. Afterall, they are so much more superior than you, so how could you even think about - calling them on anything!!! I NEED to do it for whatever reason I have and you should JUST UNDERSTAND and give me what I want and that's that!

I look at this woman now and just about want to throw up at wicked she is and am amazed that she doesn't see it.... Screws people over right and left and doesn't bat an eyelash, is rather proud of it actually and has told me that before. I'd say WHAT? and talk to her about it and then she'd get these boo-boo eyes and say - oh, I know, I'd never do so and so or anything and only because I'm a Christian - do I really stop short of doing or being whatever...blah, blah, blah. Now I look back on it and she was just playing me, keeping me pacified, keeping me believing her B.S., aferall - she was a victim of child abuse, just like me - so her excuses for whatever were already pre-packaged. Well, I don't buy that story anymore either. She used me regarding all that, as well. Got her on disability. She now gets $700 a month because she's a victim. Sweet, isn't it? And her victims get nothing but the high sign in their face, almost as if to say - it's your own damned fault for trusting me, isn't it?

I started getting a cold chill up my back this last year when she'd say certain things to me - it just didn't smell right. She'd say certain things and then turn around - and DO the opposite and have an excuse all ready and handy in case you found out or asked her about whatever. Or, she'd say - well, I'm sorry!!!! As if, well, you being the nice little Christian - now you have to forgive and let it go, right???

No.....they are nothing like you and nothing like you'd like to paint them. They are - what they are. They are self-centered, without conscience predators and could care less about your little feelings. She even told her ex-boyfriend lately - to get on with "his little life" after she'd taken him to the cleaners for about $40K. In her book now, he doesn't have the right to be angry with her, how dare him! Now that he knows what she's been up to all this time. She's done with him now, done with me and done with anyone who's really figured her out. We are all liars and never were her friends and she's the HOLY one, blah-blah, blah-blah, blah-blah... Like I said - I still want to hurl regarding her..

So, yes, I understand and it's very, very toxic. She won't get it - when she reads that clipping. That's pretty sad, isn't it? But, they don't. They WILL NOT see themselves. Is there help for people like this? You know, I used to would have said - there's hope for everyone, but now that I've been up close to this for a few years....I don't think so anymore. After they have been on this road for sooo long - it's really a chosen thing by them and after awhile - you really become a product and all doors and windows become sealed and in as much as they decided in the beginning - they also become a prisoner of evil, too.. and they just give over the right to have a mind - that can choose something else after awhile. They may just become purely dark, with no way out.

Keep making tracks, Randy... This woman doesn't deserve - any attention from you - negative or otherwise. It's all wasted energy....

November 6, 2001
8:08 pm
New Member
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September 30, 2010
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Ladeska, she is gonna get it real soon. Yes indeed, I give ole earl about a year, and then she will flounder, about, and then the denial, and well 2 years max. So, ranmar, what about #6? Damn proud of you Randy

November 6, 2001
10:11 pm
New Member
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September 29, 2010
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In honor of Ladeska and Molly, it's on to Help Me Please x 6 the new Beginning. Molly, I don't even give it a year. I give it until summer.I don't know if I mentioned or not, but Earl was almost kicked out of the dance school for his daughter, because he wanted to pick up on a 21 year old instructor last year, and the owners told him to back off or leave. That's when he focused on wacko. Boy, what a bunch of sickos.
His daughter is 15, and to think this idiot tried to put the hit on someone 6 years older than his own daughter. I almost want to puke when I know there are people out there like this, and wacko considers him "just a good male friend." Ladeska is right and I found it a while ago, when you are Narcisstic, you will feed off of anyone no matter what kind of moral character they are, because the Narcisstic is of the same character. I just want to lay low for a while. No meeting new people, no going out on a social basis right now. I'm just not into it right now. My focus is my kids (#1), my job (#2) and getting a sense of balance and routine down for a couple of months. I'm trying to decide what to do over xmas vacation, since the girls are with wacko that week, but I get them the following, New Years week. Just kicking back tonite, after running the dance car pool, and making dinner. Next week, it's off to the Pacific Northwest, for the week. Again, when I don't have the kids, I want to be out of here. Hope everyone is having a good week.........stay well........on to
"Help Me Please x 6 the new beginning"

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