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Seeking self-help for any kind of personal issue online can be a great success. With the Internet being a practically boundless resource for all kinds of information, there are many ways to find reliable help online. With our modern lifestyle being generally busy and stressful, you might need a source for helping manage your time or relaxing your nerves after an exasperating day. Perhaps you feel you have a psychological issue that needs attention but you need more information or you'd rather do your own research prior to seeking help. In all realms of life from relationships, from health, to careers and family life, we all need a bit of self-help now and then.

How to Implement Self-Help Online

Self-help online is as simple as typing in your problem to the search engine. You can find reliable websites that host communication forums in which you can talk with people who understand and relate to you. You can read almost any of your favorite magazines online that you normally find solace in. Countless websites dedicate themselves to self-help culture, offering articles, FAQ, links, et cetera, to use however you wish. We can all use the Internet to help make our lives easier and more efficient; after all, it's a tool nearly anyone can access at any time.
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What is Self-Help Online?

Self-help online is a way of using modern technology to benefit many areas of your life. Even social networking could be considered online self-help, if connecting with the people you communicate with helps you manage your life. Simply taking a moment to enjoy talking to your friend from college or a relative can relieve stress. Self-help online can come from websites or blogs that offer inspiration to you on a regular basis. Even reading through a favored art or design blog can offer relaxation, inspiration and joy to your day. Some websites offer articles that serve to give readers ideas and tools for making life more efficient. Some websites have resources for understanding mental health problems like depression and anxiety. Some offer help with addiction such as alcoholism or varying drug addictions. Search, and you will most definitely find some form of help that you need.

If you feel a website isn’t particularly reputable or reliable, it’s as simple as clicking that ‘x’ on the top of the browser. You can use your intelligence and instinct to steer clear of spam websites and the like.

Self-Help Online Links, Websites and Resources

  • is an excellent resource for learning about all kinds of psychological issues and how to get help for them. With fifteen chapters covering topics from stress, to love, to self-esteem and gaining insight, can probably offer some help to you.
  • Zen Habits is a wonderful and widely acclaimed blog designed to help people simplify and distress life. Many topics from organizational skills to learning how to forgive loved ones are discussed. Zen Habits has many tools for making life more manageable.
  • This online self-help book from is a great free online resource for understanding many different mental health concerns.
  • Self Help Magazine is an online magazine covering many different topics from holiday stress to dealing with teenagers. This is a good resource to turn to for online support of your hectic life.

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