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Self-esteem is one of the most important, fundamental traits we should possess as human beings. Self-esteem and arrogance are not at all synonyms. Having self-esteem means that you recognize your worth as a person, and carry yourself with confidence in your abilities and traits. Arrogance, on the other hand, may seem like inflated self-esteem, but really it is more of a lack thereof. Seeking self-help for self-esteem is a valuable and joyful experience, allowing you the pleasure of gaining the awareness that you are an important individual who deserves the best.
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How to Implement Self-Esteem Self-Help

Having a healthy level of self-esteem can cause you to make more sound life choices, have a much higher level of self-respect which can keep you from getting into sticky situations, and will improve your general outlook on life to create better outcomes of your efforts.

Focusing on the positive and detracting negative thoughts when they enter your mind can help you to train yourself to not get carried away with negativity. Try your hardest not to dwell on your faults or qualities you dislike about yourself. Nobody is perfect. Embracing yourself wholly as a person can only lead to good things.

Don’t compare yourself to others. That includes trying to be like others, or trying to be original. The keyword to avoid there is trying; you shouldn’t need to try. You just need to be confident in yourself.

What is Self-Esteem Self-Help?

You shouldn’t expect self-esteem self-help to take effect immediately. If you suffer from low self-esteem, you can absolutely change this, but it takes time like learning any valuable skill does. There are countless resources for helping with self-esteem from books, talking with someone you trust, seeking help from a therapist, talking with a school counselor (if you are in school), and seeking guidance from the links provided below. It’s vital to improve low self-esteem, as it can leave you feeling vulnerable and more susceptible to anxiety and depression, relationship problems, and underachievement.

Self-esteem is not a privilege, or an unattainable wealth of sorts. It’s something that we all deserve, like freedom of speech or food and shelter. It can make drastic changes for the better in every aspect of our lives. Nurturing oneself is vital to creating happiness and self-worth. Turning off the constant inner-critic and being proud of our efforts is well deserved. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and guidance from others, because it can only enhance the journey to a more confident self.

Self-Esteem Self-Help Links, Resources and Websites

  • Washington State University has a helpful self-help guide for self-esteem here. This includes tips on how to improve self-esteem, information about why it’s important and where it comes from, and how to get more of it.
  • The National Association for Self-Esteem believes “the experience of being capable of meeting life’s challenges and being worthy of happiness” defines self-esteem, and they are there to help you achieve it. If interested, you can pay a certain fee depending on type of membership to join and receive self-esteem help.
  • is a website dedicated to improving self-esteem based on personality, performance and presentation.
  • The University of Texas at Austin has a very helpful website as part of their Counseling and Mental Health Center, that has tons of great information about how to improve self-esteem, including different types of low self-esteem and activities to help boost self-esteem.

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