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Rehabilitation counseling offers assistance to individuals who suffer from physical, mental, emotional disabilities and those who have disabilities in vocational, independent living and educational pursuits. If you feel like you or loved one is suffering from a life altering disability then it might be time to seek help from a rehabilitation counselor. Browse our directory of licensed rehabilitation counselors to find nearly type of rehabilitation counseling local to you.

In order to become a rehabilitation counselor, one must acquire a Masters degree in rehabilitation counseling (or a closely related field) and also obtain certification as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. Continue reading...

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There are many qualities that a respectable rehabilitation counselor should possess, one of the most important being a good listener. When counseling someone it is very important to make him or her feel comfortable and at ease, otherwise they might not want to open up. Another quality that a good rehab counselor should possess is the sincerity to work with disabled individuals and be able to comprehend and understand their needs. If a person feels like their rehab counselor is not sincere, then they might not trust them and might not trust anything that they say. Overall, it’s important to find a rehab counselor that listens, is empathetic and genuinely cares about your well-being.

Rehabilitation counseling is a very broad field and rehab counselors can work in many different places such as public school systems, state vocational rehab centers, community-based rehab agencies (often specializing with individuals who have developmental disabilities, chronic mental health issues or specific medical disabilities such as HIV/AIDS), colleges/universities, or hospitals.

Most rehab counselors specialize in a specific disability such as spinal cord injury, blindness, deafness, head injury or psychiatric disability. Rehabilitation counselors help individuals who suffer from disabilities to regain psychological, personal, social and vocational goals.

Every rehabilitation program varies depending on the needs of the client. Rehabilitation counselors help individuals who have disabilities and want to be able to do everyday things, such as getting a job, or recovering from an accident, addiction or chronic mental issues. When a counselor acquires a new client, they determine the impact of disability on goal attainment, and then they evaluate the vocational interests, aptitude and skills of their client. After that, the rehab counselor provides appropriate services to maximize career options and quality of life. Finally, a rehabilitation program is initiated. This program might include mental health or adjustment counseling services, independent living assistance, academic or vocational training, job analysis or any other service that is needed to help the client.

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