Psychology is an applied and an academic field of science that studies human thought, behavior and emotion. If you think you or a loved one needs the help of a psychologist, browse our directory of licensed psychologists to find nearly any type psychologist in your local area.

Many years ago, Wilhelm Wundt established the fist psychology lab in Leipzig, Germany and since then, psychology has evolved and transformed to allow for many different schools of thought including structuralism, functionalism, psychoanalysis, behaviorism and humanism. Today, the majority of psychologists prefer to utilize objective scientific methods to understand psychology, as opposed to years ago when they used more subjective methods.

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Psychologists Are Therapists

Just as there are many fields of psychology, there are also many different areas of expertise including clinical psychologists, abnormal psychologists, cognitive psychologists and biological psychologists. Most psychologists are therapists, so their main purpose is to help patients understand their thoughts and behaviors in order to help them overcome any mental issues they may be dealing with.

Today, there are two main areas of focus in psychology. Academic psychologists perform basic research to expand theoretical knowledge and focus on sub-topics of psychology such as personality psych, social psych and developmental psych. In contrast, applied psychology uses psychological principles to solve everyday problems.

There are many essential qualities that any respectable psychologist should possesses, the most important being the ability to listen. A psychologist must listen to their patient in order to fully understand the mental constraints they are dealing with. In addition, a good psychologist never judges their patient and always makes them feel as comfortable as possible. Psychologists should also refrain from telling their patients what to do. Instead, they should provide their patient with information, make suggestions, and talk about a variety of different options, but ultimately, all decisions should be made by the patient. Finally, one of the most important qualities of a good psychologist is trust. A patient must feel like they can trust their psychologist in order for the therapy and treatment to be effective. If a patient can’t trust their psychologist then they might not feel comfortable discussing all of their thoughts, feelings or fears.

Psychology is a very broad and diverse field that keeps growing every day. The field of psychology helps us greatly by helping us better understand our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. To learn more about psychology, read and review these links:

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