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Are you or a loved one struggling with cultural differences or sensitivity? A Multicultural Counselor might help aid understanding and lessen tensions. Browse our directory of licensed counselors to find one near you.

What Makes a Good Multicultural Counselor?

While Multicultural Counseling may be one of the lesser-known forms of counseling, it can be an important and vital tool to help smooth relations between people of different cultures. Continue reading...

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First and foremost, it is important to find a counselor that understands the two cultures that are asking to be counseled. The first step in any Multicultural Counseling session is for the counselor to foster an understanding between the two parties in counseling by helping them to understand the basics of each other’s cultures. If the counselor does not understand both of the cultures present, the counseling session will be markedly less productive.

A Multicultural Counselor will also work with both parties to help each gain an awareness of their own culture. This awareness will help those seeking counseling better understand their reactions to the other cultures and break down any lingering prejudices.

Of course, when it comes to finding the right counselor, it is always important that the sessions are comfortable. As Multicultural Counseling sessions are almost always held in a group setting, it is important that both parties are comfortable with the counselor. If either one feels as though they counselor is not the right fit or that they are not able to be fully open with the counselor, it is less likely the counselor will be able to reach the root of any individual’s specific problem, and thus will be less productive overall.

What is Multicultural Counseling?

As the world becomes more globalized it seems like we’re all living on one very small planet. Our cars are made in Germany, our cell phones in Japan and our shirts in China. With everything in the world so interconnected it is sometimes easy to forget that there are still vast cultural differences that can hinder international relations.

Multicultural Counseling attempts to smooth these divides that are caused from issues surrounding nationality, religion and social class. By helping aid the understanding of other cultures and awareness of one’s own, Multicultural Counselors help break through prejudices and allow for a more open flow of communication, providing an increase in productivity or even just easier relations between business partners or any other group that needs to spend time working or living together.

It can be difficult working through differences that seem to keep you a world apart from your new business partner or housemate. Multicultural Counseling can help to smooth the transition and give you insight into what might otherwise seem to be an insurmountable wall between two distinct cultures.

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Not yet ready to commit to counseling? Try some cultural awareness exercises that might help begin to see eye-to-eye.

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