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Have you or a loved on recently suffered an injury or been diagnosed with an illness? Are you suffering from a disease? Sickness can often lead to a diminished quality of life, and while this is not the fault of the sick person, it can be avoided with the help of a health coach.

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What Make a Good Health Coach?

One of the most important qualities for a health coach to be in possession of is empathy. Sympathy is often impossible with clients who suffer from illnesses that the health coach has never experienced, but a coach must be capable of putting themselves in the clients’ shoes, even if they does not know what having the illness feels like. A health coach should also be trained to listen effectively and to hear what the client is trying to say even if the client does not know how to say it. When listening, the coach should be very careful to keep their opinions aside when dealing with clients since the coach is not the one suffering from an illness and therefore has no right to judge a client or to tell the client what to do. In addition, it is of the utmost importance that a health coach keeps all information regarding the client confidential.

What is Health Coaching? An Introduction:

Health coaching is used as a means of guiding clients to address their health issues and to resolve or improve them. It is the job of the coach to help the client set health goals and to work with the client, the clients’ family and the client’s doctors to achieve these goals. At times, it is also the job of the health coach to help the client realize that there is a problem with their lifestyle and that something can be done to improve their life and health.

When setting goals with the client, a coach allows the client to come up with the initial goals. More often than not, the client and coach then go on to adjust the goals as needed. The object of the health coach is to ensure that the goals the client sets are manageable and realistic, and to guide the client through attaining these goals in a healthy, safe and, if possible, enjoyable manner. It is also up to the health coach to identify in advance the obstacles that the client may face in reaching their goal and to plan for such occasions. It is also the coach’s job to ensure that the client has a support system through the process, or to be the client’s support system if necessary.

Health Coaching Links, Websites and Resources

If you or someone you know is suffering from a disease, a health coach may be able to help them live a more fulfilling life. Health coaching is often utilized with clients who suffer from disease and wish to improve their quality of life. The health coach acts as a mentor and counselor, offering advice, encouragement and support through the clients’ journey to better health. The following links offer further insight into health coaching:

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