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Going through a divorce can be a very traumatic time for all who are involved. There are many legalities and financial issues to be resolved when going through a divorce, but the emotional toll is often the most difficult challenge of all. The feelings that arise following a divorce are often grief, depression, and a general sense of painstaking sadness. Self-help for dealing with divorce can be a great way to take a painful period of life and turn it into a positive, fresh start. There are many ways to seek help when dealing with depression caused by a divorce, whether it's seeking professional help from a psychologist, reading various books or leaning on friends and family for emotional support. With strength and courage, you can walk away from a divorce with a newfound sense of independence and health.
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How to Implement Divorce Self-Help

There are many different reasons for divorce, and if you find your marriage coming to an end, there is probably a valid reason for it. If you can realize that you can live a healthy, balanced life without the negative elements within that marriage, you’re on a good track.

Divorce self-help involves a variety of different coping mechanisms that help you overcome the pain that a divorce often brings. It’s important to remember to take care of your emotional and psychological self in the midst of the legal actions being taken. You can join support groups, attend therapy and communicate with loved ones. This, of course, doesn’t necessarily make the process any easier. You should allow yourself the right to grieve and feel sadness; it’s only normal. But don’t feel afraid or ashamed to seek help.

What is Divorce Self Help?

Divorce self-help is a means to help you through a trying time. Through self-help, you can improve the relationship you have with yourself, creating more confidence and independence in your life. Through the use of reading materials, therapy, support groups, and help from loved ones, you can overcome the burden of divorce. Like any broken heart or depression, getting through divorce is a process in which time plays a huge factor. You must allow yourself the necessary time to grieve, but also use period of time as a productive healing process.

When in the midst of divorce, it can be hugely helpful to continue with your everyday life to help you move forward. Everyday activities such as going to work, paying bills, cooking, taking care of children (if there are any), and exercising, can help you return to a zone of normalcy. Try not to dwell on old photos and objects that remind you of different times. In the sense of a Buddhist, let it go, and move forward from it. This process is done within you of course, but utilizing the support of loved ones can only help.

Divorce Self-Help Links, Resources and Websites

  • DivorceCare.org is a website that can help you find a support group in your area for overcoming this painful process. There are also links and resources for helping children through the divorce process.
  • At Dailystrength.org, you can find online support groups and forums. Here you will be able to communicate with others who know what you are going through. The simple sense of community and being able to relate and “vent” can help a great deal.
  • This webpage from Mentalhealth.net has a lot of great information to help you through the grieving of divorce.
  • In the California Courts Self-Help Center, you can find a lot of helpful divorce information, plus links to information about dealing with children who are affected by divorce.

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