Depression Self-Help

Depression is a serious illness that affects many people in the world. Feeling sadness from time to time is a completely normal part of being human, but when this sadness becomes a chronic feeling of hopelessness, the time has come to seek help. Depression is absolutely treatable, and is very much worth seeking help for. If you feel that you are so depressed that life is no longer worth living, it is absolutely necessary that you seek immediate help from a loved one or a professional.
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How to Implement Depression Self-Help

Self-help for depression can include a variety of things. Often times a depressed person doesn’t have any interest in the things they used to love, and/or they may feel incapable of partaking in regular, healthy activities. Depending on the severity of depression, activities like taking time to exercise daily, eating a healthy diet full of nutrient-rich foods, setting aside time for enjoyable and interactive entertainment, and spending time with people you love can do wonders for your mental health. Depression often arises after the occurrence of a negative event such as a failed relationship, the loss of a job, or the loss of a loved one. Don’t be afraid to lean on, or seek support from loved ones, as they can offer you a wealth of positive support during your struggles. Staying active, productive and using your mind to the best of your abilities for positivity are largely helpful in the road to recovery.

Sometimes depression can be very severe, and may even cause thoughts of suicide. If this is the case, please talk with someone immediately. A psychologist is a trained professional ready and willing to help you or you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1.800.273.8255.

What is Depression Self-Help?

Depression self-help is a means to overcome a dark and afflicting period of time in your life. It can seem very difficult or even impossible to pull yourself out of a bout of depression, but please remember, it is very much possible. While self-help may require an individual to depend solely on one’s self, you should never be afraid to speak with people you feel close to. Having someone to relate to and who can offer comfort and advice helps dealing with depression much easier.

There are many books and other like materials that can help with depression. Sometimes expressing oneself artistically can help communicate feelings and ease the burden of depression. Try to take your hand at writing poetry or drawing. Getting some fresh air can help. Take a drive or walk. Visit your favorite bakery. Bringing a close friend or family member along can help you to feel companionship and remove some of the loneliness that is often associated with depression.

Remember, talking with a psychologist can also be an excellent choice. They can help you get to the root of your problem, and help you work through it.

Depression Self-Help Links, Resources and Websites

  • has useful information about signs and symptoms of depression, as well as causes and how to get help.
  • The National Institute of Mental Health contains this interesting webpage that can answer many questions about depression, and show you how to get help.
  • For helpful information regarding depression, review MedlinePlus, a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.
  • At, you can learn about ways to help depression, including medicine and/or counseling.

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