Alcoholism Self-Help

Alcoholism is an incredibly prevalent disease affecting almost 18 million people in the United States. If you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, it is important to remember that even in self-help, you are not alone. There is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of, and in fact, only admiration of courage can be expected for an alcohol addict ready and willing to seek help.

Overcoming alcohol addiction is a process that requires hard work and dedication, and can only come from within you. In a way, breaking alcoholism will always be self-help process, however, there are countless resources and means of support to ensure that your efforts will be a successful and enriching growing experience.
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How to Implement Alcoholism Self-Help

Coming to terms with alcohol addiction and admitting that you need help in overcoming it is the first and perhaps most important step towards recovery. If you are ready to part ways with an unhealthy lifestyle, it is important to keep that love for yourself intact by seeking out help.

In seeking support from others, it is vital to find a welcoming and accepting environment where you feel you can be honest, and where you feel you can relate to others and receive the necessary support. This can be found in groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Sometimes overcoming alcoholism requires finding solid medical help from institutions such as rehabilitation centers and hospitals. Here, you can detox and receive medications that will help you cope with withdrawals and other symptoms.
Only you can create changes in your life. Try not to be afraid of the initial jump into sobriety, because there is invaluable support available for anyone, anywhere.

What is Alcoholism Self-Help?

Essentially, the most important step in the process of becoming sober is alcoholism self-help. This is because sobriety can only come from within the addict, no matter how hard loved ones try to enforce it. As mentioned before, recognizing that you have an alcohol problem, and then possessing the willingness to seek help is the critical first step. From here, an alcoholic can decide if medical help or hospitalization is necessary. You can find rehabilitation centers, which range in price depending on healthcare and mode of rehab.

Often times, though, the psychological, emotional, and even spiritual support of others who are dealing with alcoholism and have overcome it is more important. Overcoming alcohol addiction requires a lot of work, and this work can be completed only from within. Don’t let work be repellent, though. It is a labor of love for oneself, and a labor of desire for a healthy, addiction-free life. Having the shoulder of family, friends, and support groups to lean on will only make the journey more enriching, but more successful, too.

Alcoholism Self-Help Links, Websites, and Resources

Previously mentioned, Alcoholics Anonymous is a wonderful place to seek help for alcoholism. In this group, you will receive support from others, tools for success such as books and other materials, acceptance and constant encouragement, all kept anonymous. Check the AA website for meetings near you.

For more information about alcohol abuse and information about where to find programs, and support hotlines, please check Cleveland Clinic’s webpage about alcohol addiction.

For information, facts and tips to get help, please visit The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’s website, and remember: while you may seek self-help, you are not alone.

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