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If you are in California and you are searching for an alcohol rehabilitation program, or information regarding alcohol rehabilitation, provided is a list of local and state-sponsored resources you can browse. This may be something you never would have imagined you would be looking for, but if you or a loved one has a problem with alcohol, rehabilitation is one of the most significant steps on the road to recovery. Continue reading...

Browse Alcohol Rehab Programs Resources By Location

When searching for a rehabilitation program, keep in mind that each will depend heavily on the cooperation of the person who has the substance abuse problem. This may mean that the abuser may have to be subjected to an intervention by his or her loved ones. Getting a substance abuser into a rehab program can only work as long as he or she recognizes that the drug use is a personal problem and is willing to consciously and consistently pursue recovery. Although there are many different types and approaches to alcohol rehabilitation, with any of them you should be able to expect the support of a counselor or network of others committed to helping you or your loved one.

Different programs often approach the idea of recovery with different views of what alcoholism is and therefore, offer different ways to treat the disease. Organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous are solely based around the support group, while other treatment approaches such as pharmacotherapy utilize drugs that mildly mimic the effects of the addictive substance in order to wean the user off of dependency.

Some experts criticize another approach, the disease-model of treatment, because they believe it facilitates an easy excuse for addicts’ behavior when much deeper emotional and behavioral problems are the more likely culprits of the substance abuse. Whichever stance you choose to take on how rehabilitation should be approached, a universal factor in any recovery program should be the sincere and strong support of people who care about your or your loved one’s success in beating addiction.

Here are some links for Californians seeking information or help with alcohol rehabilitation:

  1. This site provides information on various types of addiction, treatment and treatment facilities and programs nationwide.
  2. You can find plenty of useful information here regarding substance abuse problems and recovery services.
  3. The Betty Ford Center offers treatment for not only those suffering from addiction, but those affected by drug abusers.
  4. The Drug Abuse Alternatives Center offers information about addiction, treatment and facts regarding drug abuse.

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