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Alcohol and drug testing are vital in ensuring a clean and sober system, and picking the most reliable and accurate test means getting the most foolproof and accurate results. If you are searching for an alcohol or drug test in the state of California for you, a loved one, or your employees, please browse our list below.

The most thorough alcohol or drug tests usually involve taking samples from the subject that go far beyond a simple urine test. Blood, hair, fingernails, saliva and sweat are often used to determine what kinds of substances are in an individual's system. Usually, the more thorough the test, the more expensive it is. Keep in mind that many businesses will subject current and potential employees to regular and random drug tests. If you are being considered for a high-profile position, or if the sobriety of yourself or a loved one is in jeopardy, consider the different tests you may encounter. The most accurate drug and alcohol tests can determine drug abuse up to 90 or more days after last usage, and even up to two days after alcohol abuse. Continue reading...

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Generally, urine tests are probably the most common type of drug testing used by employers. In this type of test, the subject is usually sent to a collection site where they are asked to urinate in a specially designed, tamper-proof container. The sample is then sent to a testing laboratory for thorough screening. Two separate tests are administered on the sample and afterwards given to a physician to review the results. If there are no detectable amounts of any drugs in the sample, the testing facility notifies the employer. If, however, there are signs of drug use, the testing facility contacts the employee to determine if there is a legitimate reason for the substances to have shown up. Medical treatments or prescription drugs can sometimes skew test results, giving the illusion of drug abuse.

With alcohol testing, hair is probably most often used to determine abuse, as hair will yield the longest-lasting results (up to two days). Contrary to popular belief, hair does not necessarily have to be taken at the root to determine alcohol abuse.

Local hospitals should be able to provide testing services in addition to some of those listed below. Here are some helpful and reliable links for Californians seeking further information on alcohol and drug testing:

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