Alcohol and Drug Intervention

Intervention by a professional or by loved ones is often an essential part of beginning the healing process for substance abusers. Very often, users of drugs and alcohol will lack the desire or courage to tackle the problem on their own, or they will simply deny that they have a problem at all. This denial may manifest itself in many forms including fear, anger, blaming and playing the victim. Ultimately, however, the abuser must acknowledge humbly and reasonably that the problem is his or her own and must be conquered. If you know someone with an alcohol or drug problem who is unwilling to get started in the recovery process, you may want to browse the list of intervention resources in California that are provided below. Continue reading...

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Alcohol and Drug Intervention – continued…

Interventionist services are available to help you and/or your family confront a loved one about his or her problem and break down recovery’s number one foe – denial. Denial is a natural defense mechanism through which abusers try to justify their substance abuse. The sole purpose of the interventionist is to get the subject to acknowledge that his or her abuse is indeed a personal problem. This is accomplished by blocking all excuse routes while offering sincere help at the same time. Ultimately, an intervention’s goal should be to get the addict enrolled in a treatment program or facility.

Most correctly executed interventions are successful and involve several steps, sometimes better left to an experienced professional to implement. This includes organizing family and friends with the interventionist in selecting a treatment facility or program. Then, through dialogue, the intervening party and the interventionist try to recognize what, if any, underlying problems can be identified in order to disable the abuser’s ability to deny their problem.

If the loved one refuses treatment, the interventionist along with family and friends must work together to completely and immediately cease all enabling behaviors for the abuser. Although the abuser is made well aware that the intervention is born out of love, this process may necessitate asking the addict to leave and not expect any further support until they are ready to admit their problem and enter a recovery facility or program. No help or attention will be provided other than guidance through treatment. This may be the hardest part of executing a successful intervention, but the success rates prove their overall effectiveness.

Listed below are some resources for Californians seeking help intervening in a loved one’s drug or alcohol dependency:

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