Addiction Self-Help

The word “addiction” is often associated with substances like drugs and alcohol, but many people suffer from addictions to other things. People can become addicted to anything from shopping to self-mutilation, and all addictions are dangerous and can contribute to the degeneration of a person’s life; addictions also often lead to an unhealthy state of mind for the addict. If you or a loved one suffer from addiction, take a look at our Self-Help Tips section for advice on how to deal with addiction.

What Makes for Good Addiction Self-Help?

Addiction is a dangerous thing to deal with, and it is equally dangerous to tamper with. Thus it is of the utmost importance that when seeking to self-medicate addiction, an addict has a legitimate support group and someone who has his or her best interests at heart to turn to in the event that something does not go according to plan. If you seek effective methods of addiction self-help, do extensive research.

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What is Addiction Self-Help? An Introduction:

Addiction self-help is a method of recovery from addiction that does not involve a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist or rehab center. It is a self-guided process that has many different variations, some of which involve step-by-step processes and leaders who are meant to guide the addict through the process. As it is meant to be an accessible form of recovery, addiction self-help frequently utilizes information and resources readily available to the public, such as the aforementioned step-by-step programs and leaders. Other examples of readily available resources often used by people seeking to help themselves through their addiction are self-help books (most come in a series of books by the same author) and self-help websites.

Some positive aspects frequently brought to addicts by their addiction self-help include friendship, emotional support, advice from people with experience (usually former addicts) and a sense of belonging. All of these are associated with support groups that are available for people struggling with addiction to join together in their fight against their own addiction. Friendship and a sense of self frequently become some of the factors that enable addicts to successfully use addiction self-help to rid themselves of their addictions. Thus, it is advisable for those attempting to use addiction self-help to their addiction to join support groups. In a support group, members gather to share their experiences and issues; the experiences and issues pertain to a specific topic, which is the theme of the group (such as alcoholism) through this process, friends are made, support is offered, and potentially helpful information is exchanged.

Addiction Self-Help Links, Websites and Resources

With something like addiction self-help, it is entirely up to the addict to take the steps towards recovery from addiction. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that materials that would be constructive towards this end be made readily available to addicts. The following are some informative links that addicts may find useful in their search for addiction self-help.

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