"Recovery is learning to function in relationships." --Melody Beattie

Some counseling professionals don't believe in the term codependency because there are many variables and differences between people who have the symptoms (low self-esteem, seeking approval from others, anger/rage, depression, etc.). Despite the complexity and disagreements between individual counselors, the term codependency is still used by many professionals, and there have been many developments in working with clients who exhibit "codependency". Here's a few signs and symptoms of codependency:

People with co-dependency may...

  • have trouble saying no.
  • have trouble asking for help.
  • tailor their actions and conversation around getting attention and approval from others
  • feel inferior to others/hold a lot of self-doubt.
  • have high expectations from others, most especially from significant others, and usually get highly angry or irritated when they don't meet those expectations.
  • focus a lot of mental time and attention on other people, especially significant others.
  • have difficulty maintaining a stable relationship with a partner.
  • be in and out of highly volatile (big ups and downs) relationships.
  • be uncomfortable when not in a relationship.
  • be frequently depressed.

Can people with codependency recover? Absolutely. Many people, who have lived with the frustrating signs, symptoms, and consequent problems have found peace, relief, and sound, stable happiness.

How? Learning skills, taking a good look at themselves and their actions, and allowing the necessary TIME to make changes that work for them. While codependency can be tackled by yourself with motivation, discipline, and education, can make these tasks tremendously easier by pointing out problems and non-helpful behaviors. Plus, counseling gives you a chance to process your plans and progress on a weekly basis. When you’ve moved on, you’ll find it was more than worth it.

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