Characteristics of True Adulthood

Controls temper

  • Meets emergencies with poise.
  • Feelings are not easily hurt.
  • Accepts the responsibility of own acts without trying to "alibi."
  • Has outgrown the ‘all or nothing’ stage. Recognizes that no person or situation is wholly good or wholly bad. And begins to appreciate the golden rule.
  • Is not impatient at reasonable delays.
  • Have learned they are not the arbiter of the universe and that must often adjust to other people and their convenience.
  • Is a good loser can endure defeat and disappointment without whining or complaining.
  • Does not worry unduly about things he cannot help.
  • Is not given to boasting or "showing off" in socially unacceptable ways.
  • Is honestly glad when others enjoy success or good fortune.
  • Has outgrown envy and jealousy.
  • Is open-minded enough to listen thoughtfully to the opinions of others.
  • Is not a chronic 'faultfinder'.
  • Plans things in advance rather than trusting to the inspiration of the moment.

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