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Be more concerned with your character
than your reputation, because your
character is what youreally are,
while your reputation is merely what
others think you are.

- John Wooden

We're a group of people who want to make a real difference in helping people move forward in their lives. We believe people would benefit immensely from a better understanding about what counseling is, before they make a choice if it's right for them. Counseling has limitations, and helpful points.

Another major focus of this site is on Social Issues. Social Issues are the passions of our culture. Social Issues are the unanswered questions, the daily human struggles, and seemingly unsolvable problems. Counseling happens within a social context both for the therapist and the client. People's social values have a bearing on their mental health and their potential for happiness.

We encourage FEEDBACK!  Email us about your needs and wishes for the site. We have the ability to get information and resources YOU want. We want YOUR input, yes you!

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This site is about providing helpful information on counseling and social issues, and having a place for people to express themselves in those areas.

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