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For TBT….Better late than never.

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10:44 am
May 1, 2010




posts 104

You asked about Digital TV a while back. Did you get your answer?

I knew it had something to do with money and Mind Control. Here's an article about the subject outlinign the scientific aspects of this technology.

"The Sound of Silence is a military-intelligence code word for certain psychotronic weapons of mass mind-control tested in the mid-1950s, perfected during the 70s, and used extensively by the “modern” US military in the early 90s, despite the opposition and warnings issued by men such as Dwight David Eisenhower.

This mind-altering covert weapon is based on something called subliminal carrier technology, or the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS) (also nicknamed S-Quad or “Squad” in military jargon). It was developed for military use by Dr. Oliver Lowery of Norcross, Georgia, and is described in US Patent #5,159,703 — “Silent Subliminal Presentation System” for commercial use in 1992. The patent abstract reads:

“A silent communications system in which nonaural carriers, in the very low (ELF) or very high audio-frequency (VHF) range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum, are amplitude- or frequency-modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement into the brain, typically through the use of loudspeakers, earphones, or piezoelectric transducers. The modulated carriers may be transmitted directly in real time or may be conveniently recorded and stored on mechanical, magnetic, or optical media for delayed or repeated transmission to the listener.”

In layman’s terms, this device, this “Sound of Silence”simply allows for the unwarranted implantation of specific thoughts, emotions, and even prescribed physical actions into unsuspecting human beings. In short, it has the very real ability to turn human beings into mere puppets in the hands of certain “controllers,” or puppet-masters."

Turn OFF your TV'S PEOPLE! LIVE life to the fullest and get outside!

Be Well!

6:54 pm
May 1, 2010


New Member

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Hope u don"t mind me posting…I found this interesting…I can,t go into any specific…but Can any one tell me about microwaves and the usaf?

11:32 pm
May 1, 2010



From my limited understanding of the reason for changing from analog to digital TV, it is to free up the already overcrowded frequency spectrum by providing a very much smaller frequency band over which TV signals can be transmitted. The only way that this can be done without TV inter channel interference is by digitally transmitting all signal and sorting one out from another at the receiver based upon their digital signatures.

As for "A silent communications system in which nonaural carriers, in the very low (ELF) or very high audio-frequency (VHF) range", I believe that this could be done with the present analog TV transmissions if the broadcasters were so unscrupulous to do that. This would be a form of hypnosis. I doubt that this would work with people who would not take audible signals on board unquestiongly anyway. Only the easily swayed, non-critical thinking people would be vulnerable, IMHO. But I could be wrong.

9:12 am
May 2, 2010


New Member

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Gosh…people are not that evil, are they?!
Lol….interesting topic!!!

6:11 pm
May 3, 2010


New Member

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Oh don't tell me that you are like me?

(Pondering on stuff and keeping it on the back burner until a later date in which some insight can finally be shed on the subject? :-)

Yep. I think this whole digital TV conversion, the way I understand it now, was to 'free-up' waves/another band-width in which AT&T and others could roll out their new plans.

Interesting to me how the whole government joined this bandwagon in making sure that everyone was converted by such and such a date.

(Geesh, if they could only interject such immediacy and priority to poverty and U.S. jobs lost to overseas and other critical social issues with equal fervor….you know?)

I mean, can you just imagine a crawler 24/7 at the bottom of our TV sceens and countless "Public Service Announcements" announcing what American can do to fight back this Wall Street fiasco and what can be done about our jobs that are going overseas in staggering numbers and what we should do about it, by contrast?


This proves to me that it can be done – this sending the messages to the masses when they put their mind to it – that's what really irks me!

I have to say that I have been a sucker for all of these TV ads.

Now, I just talk back to the screen. Mostly saying out loud….that's just stupid!

Advertising nowadays has become very, very emotionally sophisticated!!!!!! Without a doubt!

I remember reading some time ago about subliminal messages.

I think I seem to remember that it first started in Movie Theatres.

That there was a 'flash' showing let's say, a coca-cola. To introduce the subject to this idea.

But from what they found out (back then) is that it didn't necessarily "Make" you want to just drop everything a go buy a coke, but rather, "made' you think that you are all of a sudden thristy – and from there, promptly go to the concession stand to maybe buy SOME kind of soft drink….not necessarily a Coke, per se, but maybe, let's say – a sprite or bottled water or something – but I guess it didn't really matter so long as you made the purchase $$$ which would have been all under the umbrella of the Coke brand distributor and all of their other drinks to "choose" from anyway……..

Yes, there is something TO this, to be sure………

Thanks for the update!

6:04 pm
May 6, 2010


New Member

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Wonder what else was implied besides go buy a drink?

11:08 am
May 13, 2010


New Member

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This is really, really strange……but the other day when I was watching the Tavis Smiley show on PBS (PBS of all places) there must have been some kind of techinical screw-up, because at one point, on the screen flashed for maybe 5-10 seconds was a test pattern in the background and then the words:

"Get HD Los Angeles" in the foreground.

(I think I remember that one of the letters in the "Get" word, (the 'e' maybe?) wasn't clear…..but the rest of it sure was.

BTW, this show airs from LA………

Something's fishy here ya'll!!!!!

11:43 am
May 13, 2010


New Member

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wow truthbtold, mind elborating on this? , kinda of confused but defintely interestd in what you just said!

5:28 pm
May 14, 2010



posts 8

TBT- Are you thinking that maybe it was some kind of subliminal thing going on there

1:00 am
May 19, 2010


New Member

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Not sure exactly. Just something kind of strange ~ ~ ~

5:38 pm
May 31, 2010



posts 16

My cousin xeroxed a whole pamphlet of subliminal messages being put into our TV programs…most innocent advertising…if you can call this innocent…but who's to tell where it would go and how far?

12:00 am
May 31, 2010



posts 16

cousin xeroxed a whole pamphlet of subliminal messages being put
into our TV programs…most innocent advertising…if you can call
this innocent…but who's to tell where it would go and how

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