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wHy can't I forget him??

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10:59 pm
April 20, 2000


New Member

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well… i can't seem to be able to forget this ex-boyfriend of mine…don't know why…i always miss him…and although i had break up with him for about 2-3 months.. i tried to talk to my friends…many of them told me to forget him and he is JERk…and i know he is a jerk…i thought i manage to forget him…but maybe i can't do it.. I tried talking to my best friends..and they don't seen to be listening..
HeLp mE!

6:03 am
April 21, 2000


New Member

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Dear Curiosity,

I am not sure as to why you and your boyfriend broke up or what the circumstances where when you broke up but it sounds as if your friends are either trying to help you with saying he is a jerk inwhich he was or trying to help you forget him because you were hurt in some ways and they are trying to help you forget him. I guess in all broken relationships whether you were the one who broke up or the one who was dumped you do feel a sense of loss no matter how you look at it. After being with someone for a period of time sharing your time, love and affection does put an inpact on your present situation as your daily life without him has been totally changed.
I can relate to your situation as many can tell you that you that it is not easy to have a relationship with someone you once had cared for deeply and then not have then in your life. Your life does go on as it seems that that is what you are trying to do but we can't just forget the good times we had with someone we cared about. In time, we will feel better about ourselves and the pain of the loss will decrease. This does not mean we forget about the person we were with. For some people it takes awhile to go days or months to not think of that person we did care for. Even after we think we have gotten over someone there will be times out of the blue that we will think of them. It could be a certain sunset, place that you once had gone to, anything. Even though time has passed we do think of the people we had shared part of our lives with because they are part of our past.
Don't feel bad and don't think that you could never get over the loss. One day you will think of this time as just the past. For some they could say it was their true love and could never get over them to the point where they can't go on. It takes time to adjust to certain changes in your life but do go on with your life if that whether you made the change or not. It does get better and in TIME you will not be reminded of that person in your everyday life. You will though think of this person from time to time.
In any broken relationship we good friends who will listen to us and at times we go on and on and on about this person. Your friends may not know what to do or say when you do this. They just might say things to help you get along with your life. Some people go on for ever and you think there is never a day that you think they would stop talking about your loss or heartache. Just give it time and keep yourself busy. It does go in time. I hope this helps and I wish you all the success. Be patient and good things will come your way.
Take care

1:09 am
April 22, 2000


New Member

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thanks Cerry for your advises… well… i not really sure whether you are interested…but actually im the one who suggested the break-up… and the reason which i want this break-up is b'cos he is too mature for me..and in some sense I am scarce that I may get hurt if i carry on this relationship…but I didn't expect it to be so painful…and i dun deny that i love him alot… even until now.. and he has now a galfriend.. but anyway thanks for the advice you had given me and I believe i will get over him eventually…

8:35 am
April 22, 2000


New Member

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Check with your friends and see WHY they thought he was a jerk. Sometimes people who seem to be "Mature" are just arrogant know it alls.

You may have been (and still be) somewhat blinded by your love and infatuation for this guy.

Try to get an idea of how other people percieved he made them feel.

YOu may be surprised that this Knight had "feet of clay.

As long as you leran from this experience it was positive.

good luck.

11:01 am
April 22, 2000


New Member

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well… all my friends said he is a jerk b'cos…

1> He treat his friends better than his stead…
when we went out.. whenever he saw his friend.. he will juz leave me alone and go to talk to them and after that he will then reture..

(I heard this from a friend of mine..) He went to bowling alley with his girlfriend..(not me.) then he was holdin her hand and once he saw his friends there… he released and went ahead to tok to them and leave her there alone walking around..

2> He changes gf like clothes..
as in he is that type that is as long as there is any girls that willing to be his gf he will fo steady wirth them.. and he never take them seriously.. and all he want is to get advantages from the girls…
I guess above are the 2 reasons among the reasons my friends he is a jerk…

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