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Incest – Im having my Daddy's baby!

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9:02 am
September 20, 2008


New Member

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Hey there. I have been a member of an amazing support group for almost a year now.. but it has come to my attenton that 0ne of the members, and a friend of mine, just 17, is being raped by her father on a daily basis following her mothers death she she was 13.
He often gets physcical and beats her up. Even broke her hand.
But now I have found out that she s carrying his child.

I fear for her,because not only is she 17, know the likelyhood of this child beng born with birth defects and emotional disorders, knowing your grandpaw is also your dad!
She lacks n support and love and wondered if anyone knew of a chld born out of incest?
And how did the parent/s approach the subjetl

9:10 am
September 20, 2008


New Member

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You need to call the police. This is rape, this is a minor, she's also being physically abused.

At the very least call social services. Immediately.

Someone needs to help this child.

10:59 am
September 20, 2008



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I agree. Call the police, the rape crisis line, child protective services or crisis hot line and report this. Say exactly what you have told us and ask that the issue be investigated. If she is pregnant with his child, she may have the option of having an abortion or giving up the child for adoption. It's hard to tell but the child could be born healthy. Please report this ASAP. You could even do it anonymously. Keep us posted and bless your heart for caring about this girl!

1:58 pm
September 20, 2008


New Member

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Yes, you have to report this.

2:27 pm
September 20, 2008



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Rather then placing the focus on the unborn child out of incest and how parents would approach that subject PLEASE put the focus on the child carrying the unborn child and contact CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES in your area and report this.

This 17 year old needs help, needs some intervention so she can get away from this horrible situation with her father. She will get the counseling she so desperately needs and the unborn child will also receive the help he or she will need.

I hope that if you can’t bring yourself to make that phone call then someone else in your support group will.


~~Hope has a place, but not above reality~~

4:38 pm
September 20, 2008


New Member

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I have goosebumps reading this. Please call someone. Tell her to get help. She is scared, but she is also 17, there are so many things she can do and things you can do to help her. Please call somone.

12:58 pm
September 21, 2008


New Member

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This has to be reported.

3:13 pm
September 21, 2008


New Member

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If this mail is true. IT IS HORRIFIC. This child need urgent help from the authorities. How can you as a women even hesitate for a moment to do the right thing.

3:20 pm
September 21, 2008


New Member

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I am so sorry for your friend. I must also chime in to call CPS. I know a child born of incest. The child does not know this but I will tell you from statics and from personal knowledge, he will abuse this child also when it turns an age that pleases him. I have seen this happen many times thru working in family court. It is a horrific situation for all involved. And usually, not always, the mother of the child does not stop the abuse to her own child coz she grew up w/ it and it is "just the way things are".

Please, even if your friend begs you to not, get her help. I know she is terrified. No child should ever have to have something like this done to them, but unfortunately it does happen. The best thing you can do for her and the unborn child is to stop the cycle and call in CPS, or if she will agree take her to a shelter and they will know the proper channels to take to keep her and her baby safe, and to put the monster away. Do not, however, be surprised if she doesn't want anything to happen to her dad coz children have a bond w/ their parent no matter how horrible that parent is, even children of incest tend to want to protect the abuser.

YOU will have to be the strong one here and do the right thing for them both, and give him what he deserves.

If you need to talk more then please do. Folks don't mean to be nasty, not saying they have been, but things like this tend to bring out the emotional side of folks.

9:43 am
September 22, 2008


New Member

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My coworker specializes in sexually abused children and thier abusers. She has been doing this for 30 yrs.

She said that child abusers have their own children so that they can have easy access to another child to abuse.

Isnt that the sickest thing you've ever heard?

To make their own babies so that you can privately abuse them without having to go out and find someone elses kids to abuse. It carries less of a risk of being caught since it is happening in the privacy of his own home.

Its a sick and criminal world out there.

If you dont report this to the police, you will also be in big trouble, possibly accessory to the crime. So you need to report it. I appreciate your concern. Now please be responsible and show your concern for real… do something about it. Think about this child, not about your own fear.

Oh, You dont have to give your name.

11:20 am
September 24, 2008


New Member

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UM…Yeah Akward For THe Kid.But You Need To Report It.But You Should Also Ask If She Could Consider Aboration.I Dont Support It But Sometimes It Is Best And Selfless.Think Of All The Problems It Would Have!
Everyone Should Pray That It All Works Out!

12:01 am
January 14, 2015



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